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With summer in full swing, the thought of never having to shave unwanted hair again has never been more appealing, but actually lasering my body to permanently remove said hair scares me senseless. When talk amongst my girlfriends turned to their own rave reviews of laser hair removal, I couldn’t help but be a bit curious (and jealous!) that their results were so positive. And each was quick to clarify that the expense was worth every penny. Services typically range in price per session from $250 for underarms and upwards of $1,000 for legs, but for frequent waxers, would be worth the cost in the long run.


Beam Laser Spa

Would the pain be worth my hard-earned cash? Not one to be a masochist, I normally prefer to avoid paying for pain of any sort, so when the opportunity arose to visit Beam Laser Spa, I started to get nervous. Often described to feel like a rubber band snapping against your skin, the laser hair removal services at Beam were far less painful than I suspected.

The spa, tucked next to the shops at Columbus Circle, is clean, comfortable and surprisingly calming. Minimal décor keeps the space professional, but its calming color palate put me right at ease. My appointment began with the very friendliest of greetings and standard paperwork to document my medical history, skin concerns and expectations for laser treatments. The spa’s owners, Brazilian sisters Liza and Andréa Young took time explaining in full detail how the laser works, expected results and follow up care for my treated underarm area. As this was my first experience with laser hair removal, Andréa thoroughly assessed my skin and hair, ensuring I wouldn’t react badly to the laser itself.


Equipped with protective goggles, the procedure itself lasted all of one minute and felt nothing like that mythical rubber band against my skin, due in part to their choice in a technology from their GentleMax laser (FDA-approved for “permanent hair reduction”). I was left hair free, and reminded by Andréa not to use any harsh skincare products and to avoid excessive sun exposure for 24 hours. What struck me the most about this spa was the care both Andréa and Liza took to ensure I was well-educated on laser technology and comfortable with the procedure. I received a phone call the day after my appointment to inquire about my skin’s reaction to the laser, which can often cause skin to appear slightly pink and tender to the touch.

Andréa was quick to note that in the recommended course of six to eight treatments, which are determined by a number of factors including thickness of hair and skin type, clients can expect a reduction of hair by 80-98%. It has been two weeks since my first treatment, and I can already see a major difference. I haven’t had to shave once this summer, and as my hair has grown back, it has shed due to the weakened hair follicle. Andréa said this was to be expected and with each session, hair will grow back finer and more sparsely. I’d like to think I endured great pain for my newly hair-free underarms, but my skin knows better – there was nothing terrible about it at all!

Beam Laser Spa
1841 Broadway, Suite 806
Entrance at 60th Street on Columbus Circle

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