Bikini Waxing Can Be Fun! (Almost)

I have never been one to religiously wax or otherwise remove hair in my bikini area, mainly because it’s just a pain, literally. But recently, I tried an all over Brazilian Bikini Wax at The Strip Ministry of Waxing. To say that I was pleasantly surprised by my experience is an understatement. In fact, I found that bikini waxing can actually be fun, well almost.

When I first tried to get a bikini wax at The Strip Ministry I was told that my hair was not long enough, since I had shaved too recently. Apparently the hair must be at least as long as your eyelashes in order for them to use their wax. Disappointed, I began a two-week growing out process, in which I did not touch the hairs down there. Each time I showered I instinctively reached for the razor, but stopped, and let my hair do its thing. Of course, it seemed to take forever watching the hairs sprout up. A watched bikini line truly never grows. Eventually, I had what seemed like enough hair and returned to face the pain.

When I went downstairs to the waxing treatment room, I noticed that the walls were lined with interesting, modern paintings and I was told that they were made with colored wax. That was really interesting, and it set the tone for my waxing experience. I stripped from the waist down and cleaned with the personal wipe as instructed. My “waxpert,” as they are called, explained that there were three different waxes: Chocolate, Strawberry and Coconut. Was this an ice cream shop? Hardly, but the waxes actually looked and smelled like those flavors.

The Brazilian Bikini Wax itself was quick and minimally uncomfortable. It was over in less than 15 minutes, and instead of wanting to run out of there and never return, I actually agreed to wax more hair in an unmentionable area. Let’s just say I left no hair unwaxed down there. I was told that the Chocolate and Strawberry Waxes were the best for removing curly hair like mine. Apparently, they are better at gripping the hair. If your hair is more straight and fine, then the Coconut Wax works better. It is also excellent for sensitive skin. Whatever your flavor, the Brazilian Bikini Wax at The Strip Ministry will take less time than licking an ice cream cone, and be almost as much fun.
Get ready for bikini weather by trying a bikini wax at the Strip Ministry of Waxing with their special for new customers only: $35 Brazilian treatment (Regularly $75). Promotion valid April 28th-May 31st. One per customer.

The Strip Ministry of Waxing
56 Spring Street
New York, NY

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