Brunching and Spa-ing at Body by Brooklyn

One lazy Sunday in October, a girlfriend and I went to check out the Body by Brooklyn spa. Located just alongside the BQE, the spa was a welcome haven of quiet and relaxation, a funny juxtaposition to the roar of traffic and the rush of construction in the Fort Greene neighborhood.

One of the best features of Body by Brooklyn is the brunch option. Ladies (and men) can brunch, booze and gossip whilst lounging around dressed in the fluffy white spa robes. I took full advantage of the brunch option and had the French toast (delicious) while my friend (who is newly pregnant) wolfed down several muffins (very very tasty) and a spinach and feta omelet (I hardly got to taste it because she ate it so fast, but it too was yummy). I drank enough for the both of us, and knocked back a mimosa and a coffee. My friend (who is off caffeine and alcohol) looked on in envy.

Once we had our fill of the brunch menu, we set off to check out the amenities. The spa is equipped with a steam room, a sauna, hot tubs and a cold plunge pool, which on this particular Sunday, was filled with chatting ladies in the hot tub, and women wrapped up in towels relaxing on lounge chairs. After peeking into the steam room – delightfully steamy, and the sauna – dry heat galore, we split up for our respective treatments.

The treatment I signed up for was the Red Flower Hammam Treatment, which was fairly interactive, and completely relaxing. First I donned the throw-away bra (tube-top style) and panties (hilariously flimsy) and got on the table. The massage therapist scrubbed my skin with two different scrubs, buffed my skin with a tiny towel, and then painted red clay all over my body (with a paintbrush, natch). Once I was sufficiently covered in clay, I was then wrapped up in plastic, mummy-style, with my arms glued tight to my sides, and then wrapped again and again in more layers of towels. I was left to sleep for 15 minutes in my warm cocoon, and sleep I did. Next up, the therapist unwrapped my many layers and hosed me down with the detachable showerhead in the wall. Still sleepy, I was led to the room across the hall for the second half of my treatment, which included a dreamy massage with tangerine fig butter. I was blissfully in-and-out of consciousness until it was over.

The spa itself is laid back and casual, yet the staff is very attentive, which makes for a lovely day of steaming, sauna-ing and body treatments. All in all, definitely worth a trip to the BK.

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