Chocolate Body Extravaganzas for Valentine’s Day

Chill Spa is situated on a quiet strip between Madison and Fifth Avenue, out of the hustle and bustle of street traffic but conveniently close by shopping, business and art venues like Macy’s, The Empire State Building and The Morgan Library.

I was intrigued by the website of Chill Wellness and Medical Spa. It features 24Karat Gold facials, Magic Diamond Crystal treatments and for Valentine’s Day, Chocolate massages, facials and body scrubs. In view of the coming Valentine’s Day, I wondered what could be more exciting than getting a chocolate body treatment?

I headed to 33rd street and Madison and was welcomed by the owner Christine, a Gwen Stefanie look alike, who offered me tea in the sitting area under a ceiling of painted clouds. After a few minutes, my masseuse, Nanita, invited me to follow her down a hallway adorned with black and white photos of nature to a mysterious door with the magic word “Fallen Water” written on it. Every door along the corridor has a different name referring to the type of scenery created in the room behind it. Amazon , Atlantis, Bamboo Forest, Falling Water…you get the idea. While I did not exactly expect to stumble upon Alice in Wonderland ‘s magic garden on the other side, I was pleasantly surprised by the view of life size photos of a water fall covering the walls from ceiling to floor. Instantly my mind was evacuated of any messy thoughts conjured by the mayhem of city life.

As I lied down on the massage table covered with immaculate white cloth and a super soft protective foil, Nanita massaged my entire body using an almond-based scrubbing treatment. Once I was exfoliated, I was invited to rest quietly for a few minutes as the light dimmed further and the calming music in the background amplified. Then Nanita was back with the wonderful smell of a chocolate mousse. In her white apron holding her mixing bowl, she could have passed for a baker about to get busy in the chocolate factory.

She explained to me how dark chocolate has extraordinary anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties for your skin. She certainly has her facts right. In Aztec times, chocolate was considered a medicinal marvel. Cacao flower perfumed baths were used in the 16th century to cure fatigue and stimulate the mind. 10% of the weight of the dry raw cacao beans consist of polyphonols making chocolate’s antioxidant properties some of the most powerful available. Chocolate layered on the skin with shea butter reduces fine lines and wrinkles by promoting circulation and stimulating the skin to leave it petal soft and radiant.

If you have never been covered from head to toes with chocolate, this is your opportunity and it is not to be missed. Nanita spread warm liquid chocolate all over me as I lay there feeling like a meringue getting its voluptuous coating before a desert extravaganza. I was tempted to take a quick lick from my chocolate mousse’d body but resisted the temptation. I was fascinated with what was happening to me as I lay in trance within the crust of cocoa butter. The chocolate was massaged into my skin, filling every curve and angle evenly.

Chocolate scents are particularly evocative. They contain phenylethylamine, a powerful endorphin released in the brain when people fall in love. Like red wine, chocolate’s fermented fragrances free our cluttered mind of superficial fluff and stills it along the deeper dictates of the body. I understood then why the cacao tree was traditionally named food of the gods when European merchants first brought it back from the Andes. It not only releases mood elevating chemicals but opens up the cave of erotica and impossible fantasies.

After a few moments of quiet enjoyment, I was brought back to reality and invited to take the delicious cream layer off me in the shower and come back to the table for the next course. With regret, I let the chocolate layer melt all over me whilst feeling the incredible new smoothness of my skin. Then, I returned to the table to receive the final regal treatment which consisted of a new rub from head to toe of a moisturizing chocolate oil coat to imbibe my skin with soothing emollients.

Needless to say that after I put my clothes back on again and jumped into the city pulse, I was feeling as fresh as a chocolate dipped peach. Chill Spa has an array of one of the kind chocolate-based services for Valentine’s Day including a double massage treatment in a Bamboo Forest Room “only for couples” where you can get wrapped in chocolate alongside your sweetheart for a delicious kind of an afternoon delight. If you are single though and need an extra trick to attract that special someone, the endorphin and erotic aromas released by your chocolate imbibed skin might be just what will get you that alluring scent of danger down Lovers’ Lane.

Body chocolate treatments include the Chocolate Body Scrub, Waxing, and Chocolate Cherry Aromatherapy oil Massage for couples. Check also the package of 24 Karat Gold Facial and Chocolate Body Soufflé. Make sure to reconfirm your appointment time.

Chill Spa
40 A East 33rd Street
New York, NY 10016

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