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Miraval Living NYC Yoga in Your Living Room

The massage is over. You lie there on the table, warm, effusing essential oils in a meditative state. You could stay there all day, and although the therapist has invited you to linger until you feel ready to get up, you have to go. They need the room for another guest, and you need to get back to the real world. It’s the bittersweet end to all your treatments.

Well what if you didn’t have to get up? What if that was your real world? Welcome to Miraval Living NYC, the residential offspring of one of the top rated destination spas and what Tracey Latkovic, their vice president of sales, calls “the first ever inspired-living community” in New York.

“Miraval Living intends to provide people with the opportunity to integrate the Miraval lifestyle of living and feeling better into their busy daily lives,” says Latkovic. “Miraval Living will provide residents with a personalized lifestyle program that incorporates unparalleled amenities, innovative experiences, award-winning spa therapies and unrivaled nutritious cuisine all in one place.”

New York was a natural choice for Miraval, as Latkovic says many of the Tucson resort’s guests are native New Yorkers seeking some solitude and wanting to live the same balanced lifestyle 24/7.


View from a Miraval Living NYC Balcony

“New Yorkers have long accepted a stressful, overbearing lifestyle as the price of living in the city,” Latkovic says. “Now, with Miraval Living, they will have more tools to help them balance those stresses with a better way of living at home.”

Miraval Living’s East 72nd Street complex includes a 20,000 square foot private garden and their signature spa. But for those who choose to forgo the trip to the flagship in Tucson and plop down their dough on a parcel here, this is just the tip of the iceberg. According to Latkovic, residents will enjoy a creative arts studio, a state of the art fitness center with unique fitness classes, yoga and meditation studios, a café serving Miraval’s healthy cuisine, and classes, programs, lectures and private consultations with Miraval staff. These classes range from cooking demonstrations to ballroom dancing to ‘mindful’ stress reduction workshops.

Miraval Living will also import specialists from Tucson to lead a variety of programs and workshops. Residents can expect healthy aging tips from Andrew Weil, MD, healing sleep and dream sessions with Rubin Naiman, PhD, intimacy and relationship programs with Dr. Lana Holstein and an equine experience with Wyatt Webb.

“One of the things that’s evolving with spas in this country is that folks are open to trying things that they’d never try otherwise,” says Simon Marxer, the spa director of the Tucson Miraval, which has had success with services like tarot readings and spirit flight, an experience that includes shamanism, acupuncture and drumming. His predication is that the spa industry will see a continuation of the fusing of mind, body and spiritual services. Maybe Miraval Living will set that precedent in New York.


Miraval Living NYC Bathroom

Another remarkable aspect of the residences is the fact that each occupant will receive a Miraval advisor. “These will be highly credentialed individuals who will help residents create a customized program which will be a combination of nutrition, fitness, relaxation, renewal, self-discovery and creative arts activities,” says Latkovic. “This will not be a regimented program, but a suggestion of ways that they can live a more balanced life.”

Latkovic also points out that Miraval has taken special care to ensure a healthy environment for residents. She says select common areas feature HEPA filters to circulate cleaner air, a saline-filtration system will replace chlorine in the pool, eco-friendly materials like farm-raised hardwoods have been used for finishes on floors, cabinets and panels, no- or low-VOC paints will be used and platform gardens and green roofs will absorb rainfall and reduce sediment runoff.


Rendering of a Miraval Living Yoga Class

Residences went on the market last year and are currently available, and Miraval plans to start offering their specialty services to residents beginning in 2009. So figure out your finances and remember that this may be your only chance to get stress reduction services that go hand in hand with your mortgage!

Miraval Living NYC
515 East 72nd Street
New York, New York

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