A Deluxe Detox In Italy’s Best Spa, Ti Sana


Although body detox began as a fringe culture for health fanatics, it has now become an important part of a sound lifestyle that is supported by science. It is a good thing to detoxify the body regularly to allow it to be free of pollutants and toxins that wear out organs and age us prematurely. To meet these demands, specialized detox centers are popping up everywhere and some are amazing places to relax, find solace and learn healthy living. If you travel to Italy, make a stop at Ti Sana, a medical spa near Milan that has a unique detox program. The founder of the spa, Amedeo D’Angelo, went from an overweight, unhealthy exhausted Italian executive to a lean, energetic and optimistic young 60 year old by using the spa’s detox methods.

Located in the countryside near the River Adda and not far from Lake Como, the vegan spa is located in a beautiful stone building dating from the 17th century. It includes a hotel with 28 spacious, individually decorated rooms and chic marble bathrooms. Another building has all the amenities of a luxury spa, including pools, Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, massage rooms and a relaxation lounge. There are even lounge chairs outside so you can enjoy the sun.

The program I underwent for three days was very rigorous. Supervised by a staff of doctors and health assistants, it aimed at cleansing my body and mind to a place it had not been in years. Though situated in Italy, the staff is perfectly bi-lingual and very eager to assist you in any way. For three days, I was required to stop consumption of coffee and alcohol, only drinking water. I learned that I should drink 5% of my body weight in water per day. I was also not allowed to eat any meat of course, dairy products, salt, sugar or sweets. Contrary to popular belief, dairy products hurt your bones and are forbidden at the spa. The meals were vegan, small and devoid of any fried oil. In the morning a half bowl of homemade granola in rice milk and a green juice such as celery, carrot and apple was brought to my table in the stone courtyard. At lunch, I had to find my bliss in a simple organic salad with home grown vegetables and a tahini dressing or a small quiche devoid of egg yoke. In the evening, a creamy vegetable soup with zucchini, cauliflower and leek was common with a small vegetable stew or an avocado patty. Delicious flax seed bread was sometimes served as well and a second healthy juice was given as a snack between breakfast and lunch. My diet was restricted to 1300 calories a day. The body needs to be given a break to allow it to cleanse and replenish itself. I felt exhausted without coffee and sugar during the first two days, to the point of having headaches, but this is a normal component of a detox regimen. Your body fights back attempts to realign and purify but the fact that you are supervised helps you to overcome your temptations and withdrawal symptoms and allow a slow but steady new “you ” to emerge.

In any case, you are not left much time to feel out of sorts as every day was full of activities such as a Rebounding class, walks in the neighboring countryside or a trip to Bergamo. You are scheduled to take tests such as the “Bia tests”, a biometric reading and analysis of 60 components to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your organs and metabolism. Your sodium content, calcium and bone density, extracellular potassium and your inflammation levels are measured to establish how to restore balances.

I was particularly interested to find out about my muscle mass. Though I exercise and swim regularly I found out that my muscle mass had to be reinforced by more weight lifting. Most women lack muscle mass the doctor said, and this is the real reason they have a hard time losing weight. To keep weight down, it is important to convert fat into lean muscle, as the maintenance of muscles requires a lot of energy. This guarantees that you won’t put on the pounds again after having shed them.

I was also told what type of personality my body type corresponded to. I am too anxious the doctor said and this causes inflammation, carrying the negative effect of acidity that could hurt my metabolism and organs over time. Kidney problems and osteoporosis were likely in my future unless I learned to relax; a bit more of the dolce vita…but Ti Sana style, wholesome and balancing. He recommended that I adopt a diet of carbohydrates found in vegetables and fruit and not to over burden my head in the evening either, relaxing and having fun instead.

There are also detoxifying cures to try including a colon irrigation to remove toxins from the intestines and a detox body massage by the terrific Anika to help remove toxins from the skin tissues. Though the detox can make you feel exhausted and disoriented, I recommend it because after it is over, you will feel like a younger, fresher, more beautiful version of yourself, with a lot more energy and peace within.

After visiting Ti Sana, you will find it hard to go back to your old habits and ruin the healthy new you restored in a few days. If you want to live well, take care of the wonderful machine that is your body and visit Ti Sana.

Ti Sana means to bring health to you. It was voted best medical Spa in Italy in 2014. For more information consult http://www.Tisana.com.

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