Dentaspa: Manhattan’s Dental Spa



NYC’s DentaSpa ( is where dentistry meets the spa. If you need to see a dentist, why not visit a dental practice that offers a spectacular view of Central Park South, a waterfall, refreshing contemporary design, soothing teas, aromatic candles and massages? Another way to view DentaSpa is to imagine a soothing trip to the spa with a dental check up tossed in as part of the mix. The genius of DentaSpa is that since no one enjoys going to the dentist, rendering this necessity attractive was truly a major feat.

The holistic approach embraced at DentaSpa is unique to the field of dentistry. A patient’s dental care is viewed in conjunction with an overall picture of health, so dentistry is regarded as only one part of the body’s total support and maintenance system. Sometimes what goes wrong in a patient’s mouth is tied in with other parts of the body, so the holistic approach is the most sensible. Personalized preventive care for each patient is stressed, along with a patient’s comfort, and state-of-the-art technology is employed for the highest-quality care possible.


The professional staff at DentaSpa will never use mercury fillings, and they only work with safe, digital imaging rather than traditional x-rays. The practice uses only purified, filtered water as well! This is a practice that not only wants you to look and feel better, but to be better, too. Here you can have a massage and aromatherapy as your teeth are checked, cleaned and fixed.You can visit DentaSpa for everything from whitening to reconstructive work; the whole spectrum of dental care is covered here. “Open wide” will sound a lot more comforting when you know you’re in caring hands. DentaSpa’s visionary founder, Dr. Eda Ellis, DDS, has an impressive list of credentials, which can be viewed on the DentaSpa’s web site, Call for an appointment or simply to book a tour. The staff loves showing off the new spa, so don’t hesitate to stop in and see the spa for yourself. Never worry about seeing the dentist again!

30 Central Park South, Suite 7A
New York, NY 10019

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