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Angelina, J-Lo, Christina, Halle: it’s almost as though the pregnant belly is the must-have accessory of the year. And what better way to pamper yourself and that baby bump than with a trip to the spa? I’m pregnant with my first and though I’m obviously ecstatic, I’m also overwhelmed by the long list of do’s and don’t’s that come along with being preggers: no high-mercury fish, no artificial sweetener, no caffeine, no sushi, no hot baths – the list is endless. And it’s not only for what goes in your body, but what goes on it as well. So, I put my entire array of dermatologist prescribed accoutrements at the back of the closet and watched as my skin slowly reverted back to my adolescent days of breakouts. Needless to say, I beelined for Edamame, the Maternity Spa, the moment I entered my second trimester.


Edamame Maternity Spa

I’m sure you’ve noticed the sign for Edamame on your way to Bergdorf’s and filed it away in your mind for when the appropriate time in your life arrived. But this spa is not just for mommies and mommies-to-be. It’s perfect for anyone who frequents Whole Foods or winces upon hearing the words ‘chemical peel’. In other words, you can indulge in all of the same spa treatments you find at other high end spas but can rest assured that all products and services are all natural, organic and safe. Though not surprisingly, many of the treatments are specially designed to make the currently or recently pregnant woman more comfortable, such as the Yummy Tummy, the Vital Leg Treatment (for those water retaining legs and feet), and any number of prenatal massage therapies, but there’s no reason why every woman, preggers or not, couldn’t spend an entire day relaxing at this spa. They also offer Lip Blooming, Eye and Neck Firming Treatments, an Anti-aging Body Treatment and Waxing.


The spa itself is the ideal size for accommodating only a couple of people at a time, so you truly feel like you’re getting the royal treatment. Snuggly robes, a locker, shower and an intimate lounge with tea and snacks are provided. The décor is modern and very zen-like and the color palette is soothing and cozy. I opted for the Pure Results Facial, a 60-minute treatment featuring a variety of Lavender-based products for sensitive, combination skin. Bella, my friendly and adept facialist, incorporated traditional European deep cleansing techniques to exfoliate and thoroughly clean my hormonally-charged face. As per usual, the extraction segment of the facial was my least favorite part of the experience but the smooth, glowing skin I now have as a result (and it’s been more than a couple of weeks since I got the facial), was well worth the discomfort. The lengthy face, neck, shoulder, hand and foot massage I received didn’t hurt either. Bella never left my side (whereas in most spas, I’m left alone for what feels like hours with the steamer or a mask drying on my face).


You’ll find the spa on the lower level where Destination Maternity, Mimi Maternity, Motherhood (Nursingwear and Plus Size) and A Pea in the Pod are located – making this one-stop shopping experience all too convenient for the mother-to-be. The brands featured here offer a variety of fashions and accessories (ranging from books to nursing bras) at a variety of prices, and the learning studio onsite offers prenatal yoga and other classes for mommy and baby. The helpful (although annoyingly skinny) staff even provides you with water or juice while you shop – it was hard not to buy out the entire store!


I might be considered an overly (and unnecessarily) nervous mommy-to-be and I’ll admit to being a bit paranoid and more discerning about who I let massage me now that I’m pregnant. But I felt completely at ease at Edamame and I totally trusted that they were taking good care of my baby and me. But really, Edamame is the perfect destination for anyone looking for an eco-friendly, therapeutic, woman-only spa experience. The products sold in their boutique and online store, such as those from Comfort Zone, Mama Mio and Naturopathics, are safe and effective before, during and after pregnancy. This was my first visit but it certainly won’t be my last.

Flagship Store
New York City, NY
575 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10022
(The Corner of Madison Avenue and 57th Street)
(Edamame Spa & Learning Studio)
www.edamamespa.com or www.destinationmaternity.com

Paramus, NJ
65 E State Rt 4
Paramus, NJ 07652
(35 Plaza on
Westbound Route 4)
(Edamame Spa & Learning Studio)

Coming May 2008!
Scottsdale, Arizona
Chauncey Ranch
18560 North Scottsdale Road
(Just South of the 101 in the Whole Foods
Shopping Center)
Phoenix, AZ 85054

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