Elemis [email protected] is Heaven on Earth


I was in heaven when I attended a launch event for the Elemis [email protected] line, with 14 new products, available for the first time this November. Little did I know when I walked in for my taste of a spa treatment that a whole new world of self-pampering awaited.

My feet ached that day, having walked the New York City pavement in high-heeled pumps all day, so I welcomed a chance to sit and listen to a brief introduction to the [email protected] products. They include five spa categories: Exotics, Soothing, Anti-aging, Performance and Awaken, and are a mix of existing Elemis products along with 14 new ones. After the presentation I was introduced to my spa technician, Jody. She escorted me to a plump arm-chair and covered it with a towel first. She looked me in the eye and said, “I’m going to take you to another level.” Wow, I though, I can’t wait for this. My shoes were off and Jody filled a basin with warm water and Elemis Musclease Herbal Bath Synergy, a bath powder made with algae, maritime pine and rosemary essential oil. This is an existing product, which has been incorporated into the performance category.

Before soaking my feet Jody used a fabulous dry brush made of cactus hair, to get the circulation going in my feet and legs. The bristles don’t bend, Jody told me. It felt DIVINE. Almost as soon as my feet entered the water they were instantly soothed in a way I had really never felt. Jody had begun to make good on her promise. Can you have a foot orgasm? After the soak, Jody toweled me off and applied Musclease Active Body Oil to my feet and legs. Jody told me that David Beckham orders this by the case. After she slathered it on my feet and legs I understood why.

To say I was in Heaven was not an understatement “My feet feel as if they aren’t even there,” I said to Jody. She smiled and said that was the best compliment she could get. We bonded over girl talk as she added Instant Refreshing Gel to my feet and legs and then the finale, the ultimate pampering, Treat Your Feet Foot Cream. This is one of the new products and it has the most wonderful scent, made with shea butter, jojoba, lemon, eucalyptus and patchouli oils.

Suddenly, I looked down and my feet weren’t puffy or red, and they felt calm and soft. I slid my shoes on and floated on air, thankful to my Angel Jody, and of course to Elemis [email protected] These products work and even the next day my feet still felt great. That is no small feat!

To purchase and find out more about the Elemis [email protected] line go to http://www.elemis.com.

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