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There’s something cool about the “less is more” notion. I use it a lot when I do ads – continually telling the client “no, no the logo doesn’t have to be that big.” But I never thought it was a phrase I’d use to describe a spa. In the case of Ettia’s Holistic Spa on the upper west side, it is.

Ettia herself believes less is more too. When it comes to her products, they’re all made from the purest ingredients around. Ingredients found in nature, free of harsh chemicals, not tested on animals, alcohol and artificial fragrance-free, without any chemical fillers, PABA, mineral oil, nor lanolin; just full of fresh herbs and essential oils. They smell great.

But what really surprised me the most about my 1hour 10 minute Ettia experience was how I felt during the facial and after it. First of all, I was late.

So I was in a mad rush and came in over-apologizing into the little apartment, cubby-like spa. One look at my expression, and Ettia calmly suggested the Anti-Stress Firming Facial – great idea!

Led into a tiny little Asian styled room, I met Jenny the Chinese masseuse who told me to lie on the bed and relax. It wasn’t long before I was in another world. This facial literally transported me from my crazed afternoon to somewhere peaceful, tranquil, warm and stress-less. My sister is a masseuse, who trained in the Swedish Institute, so I know a lot about massage, Reiki, etc. What Jenny did was something very different. She warmed her hands with heavenly scented essential oils and performed very slow massage strokes, focusing on pressure points near the head, temples, above the eyes and forehead. It was as if she was pulling out all the toxins, negativity and daily stress we carry around with us.

I started out asking Jenny a couple of questions about her techniques, her training, the products etc, but it wasn’t long before I just couldn’t talk. I was in Nirvana, or maybe Narnia. You get the picture.

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What I experienced was the true meaning of “holistic,” which means whole and requires our bodies, minds, and spirits to be balanced with nature. With a special focus on balance, alignment and harmony, Ettia’s unique holistic treatments pay attention to the big picture, effecting much more than just the primary region being worked on. That became obvious when I felt relaxation everywhere.

In order to be completely relaxed, rejuvenated, and rid of stress and toxins, this balance must be maintained. And through Ettia’s custom blended essences, massage, deep center breathing, and mediation, you will feel this balance, and so whole too.

When you finally arise, you feel like a new person, ready to take on the mean streets below. You’ll emerge feeling completely, relaxed and refreshed, and happier. Plus your skin will glow!

Get some TLC for only $129 this V-Day!
So why not take a trip to the holistic hole yourself. Right now you can get
some TLC for a great price. Ettia is offering a 30 Min Booster Facial, 30 Min Reflexology and 30 Min Sea Vegetable Body Rub for just $129.00. This package is normally $215 but, in honor of Valentine’s Day, it’s only $129.

Make an appointment before the V-Day madness starts:
Ettia Holistic Day Spa
(800) 795-7109
239 West 72nd Street (between Broadway and West End Ave)

Say “hello” to Ettia for me. Tell her I’ll be in very soon for another de-stresser!

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