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We all have a short list of little things we would like to change in our face and often wonder if a slightly younger version of ourselves would not fix at once all our beauty problems. What if we had our cheeks pulled up a bit here and our eyelids a bit there? What if those puffs under the eyes could vanish and this furrow between our brows be erased? Botox has been the recourse for many women in the last ten years for their emerging wrinkles and sagging skin but this procedure can feel too radical for some who are not convinced by the results they have seen: bloated lips, frozen foreheads, a waxy mannequin-like stillness in the features. On the other hand, Facial Acupuncture claims to be holistic and natural, to allow you to remain yourself with a slightly pulled up energized appearance. The procedure is non-invasive according to experts and consists of placing extremely fine, flexible needles at a variety of pressure points on the face, neck, and eye area to stimulate energy, blood circulation and tighten muscles. The way the rejuvenating process works is that tiny intradermal needles force collagen to grow from the deepest layers upward, filling in fine lines and mending slackened skin. It has been practiced in China for centuries to rejuvenate the face and is seen by many as a safer, more natural alternative to Botox.

Last month, I decided to give it a try and made an appointment to visit the office of Dr. Melissa Kopple for an Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation treatment. Her website describes facial acupuncture as a safe, effective method to erase fine lines, deep wrinkles, lift up drooping jowels and bags under the eyes. Curious to see if acupuncture could take a few years off my face I was eager to get to my appointment.

My first impression when walking in was very positive as Mellissa Kopple’s office is really like a modest sanctuary. Though minimally decorated, you don’t sense any of the barren oppressiveness that exudes from medical clinics or most doctors offices. The place is quiet, with soothing reduced lightening in the waiting room. Melissa, an energetic blond woman, walked in and welcomed me — and without missing a beat asked me to fill out a health questionnaire, inquired about my health history and then invited me to slide into a gown and lie down on a bed in the opposite room.

The treatment starts with Melissa Kopple first toning and cleansing your face. Seeming extremely in tune to my needs and apprehensions, she gave me a thorough explanation of each step of the procedure and addressed all my concerns with a compassionate approach before starting. A former actress and physical fitness instruction expert, she has been practicing acupuncture for 12 years. A recipient of a Masters in Science and a degree in acupuncture, she practices Japanese acupuncture, which she studied with Kiiko Matsumoto and Master Kawai. Both are experts in the field of Japanese Acupuncture techniques which pay extra precaution in the way the needles are inserted and which also rely on palpation of the body to determine the origin of an illness. She is fascinating to listen to not only because she is very smart and informed but also because her belief in the benefits of acupuncture as a way to alleviate all western health concerns -including beauty ones- is dead on and unflinching. “My focus is to help the client experience a holistic approach to health and beauty by using a non invasive treatment rather than harmful injections that have side effect,” she says. Unlike Botox, no foreign substances are injected into your body, but your own energy is stimulated to correct your appearance and improve your beauty.

The insertion of the tiny needles in my forehead, eyes, neck, jaw was painless. Melissa explained to me that the extremely fine, flexible Spinex intradermal needles and Seiren Japanese acupuncture needles used in acupuncture cause no pain because they are hair-thin and solid and totally different from injection needles used in Botox that are hollow and painful to insert. After all the needles were inserted Melissa took a “Pachi sparkling device” to emit tiny static electrical sparks to help initiate good ion flow. This is a battery operated hand-held device that allows for a tiny micro-current to be sent through the needles and to pulsate sagging skin areas along the jaw line. Though a bit painful Melissa told me that it was very popular part of the procedure because of the results and there is no limit to what women will undergo for a more youthful appearance. “Excellent for turkey necks and double sagging chins” she added with a wink. Every jaw starts sagging a bit after 35 and can benefit from this device to keep firm.

After the needles were removed, the treatment was finished with a revitalizing facial massage. I must say I was very pleased with the results of my first visit. Though you may need up to 6 or 8 visits to see dramatic results, I did notice in the mirror that my jaw muscle and upper lip seemed lifted. My face also seemed more energized, relaxed with a much more glowing, rested and healthy looking skin and yes, the bags under my eyes did seem to have decreased.

Melissa recommends women after 35 to have regular Acupuncture facials as the signs of aging can be effectively addressed by the procedure. Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation is fast becoming the favorite needle-based facial because it creates natural results without the potential harmful side effects of botox. The other benefits of facial acupuncture she lists are the retardation of graying and hair loss, the improvement of collagen production and muscle tone. It
helps to reduce a double chin and lift dropping eyelids, improves metabolism, tightens pores and brightens eyes, increases local blood and lymph circulation, improves facial color, reduces stress and promotes total health and well-being. I felt so wonderful after my visit. I’m sure I’ll be back soon for another treatment. Her office is conveniently located on 31street and Broadway.

Yintang Acupuncture
1270 Broadway
Suite 1200
Voicemail: 914 307 8045
You can find more information about Melissa Kopple’s Practice at http://www.yintang.com

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