Facial Revival at Allure Day Spa


Last month, as I busily hustled through midtown Manhattan bundled up in my winter gear, I slipped into Allure Day Spa & Hair design for a facial. Winter had taken its toll on my skin and my face was the most obvious victim. I was in need of a miracle worker for my dull, lifeless skin. I had read a few reviews about their star aesthetician, Molczan, and was intrigued.

The first thing I noticed about the salon, which is nestled underground in midtown, was its cozy appeal. A nice juxtaposition from the insanity that lurks above, the salon staff makes you feel like at home immediately. After changing into my robe and snacking on tea and cookies in the waiting area, Molczan greeted me.

I positioned myself on the plush chair and she moved her microscope over my face to inspect. She was quiet and focused as she assessed the situation at hand. The first thing she noticed was that in addition to my dehydrated skin, I had very small pores. She turned the detoxifying steamer on and then used a gentle cleanser on my face. Next, she began to extract, like a skilled scientist in a lab. I will say that Molczan’s extraction is not for the faint of heart. I mentioned that this was a bit more intense than what I had experienced during other facials. Molczan gently explained that a good facial is not just about the pampering. Pampering and persistence go hand in hand. She was a woman on a mission to not only create a peaceful experience for me, but to also bring out the beauty lurking behind my damaged skin. I trusted her and settled into a more relaxed state. I somehow knew that the slight discomfort would be worth the results.

When Molczan came to a blemish near my nose that had been there for years, she explained that it was actually a whitehead that would require some serious work. I had always assumed it was a scar or some kind of calcium deposit. She worked on it diligently, until she conquered it. I couldn’t believe that this pimple had been overlooked by the many aestheticians before Molczan (note, weeks later it has yet to reappear and that area remains completely clear).

Next it was time for the pampering…a neck, head and arm massage was much needed. The aromatherapy candles and heated hand mits allowed me to further drift off. When Molczan awoke me and left me to change, I stood in front of the mirror and saw a much healthier looking reflection. Vitality had been restored to my face. Although I knew that winter brutally awaited me outside, in here, there was nothing but healthy springtime skin.

Molczan recommended a regimen of care including the Douceur brand, the spas own herbal product line, until our next appointment. I plan to book my next facial with Molczan for 6 weeks from now in hopes that she will again be able to work the same kind of magic. This time the culprit will be the inevitable havoc of summer time skin.

*This Mother’s Day try Allure’s Mother and Daughter retreat which promises and memorable day at the spa together. Package includes Coconut milk body polish, 30-minute body massage, facial, peppermint sea salt pedicure, manicure and a spa lunch.

Allure Day Spa & Hair Design
139 East 55th Street
Phone: 212.644.5500

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