Five Floors Up but a World Away at Metamorphosis Day Spa

New York City is known for its hidden gems, and Metamorphosis Day Spa can definitely be considered one of them. Tucked away on the 5th floor of a midtown building around the corner from Bloomingdales, is a sanctuary for quality body and skincare.

From their website, you’d think it were one of these flashy, corporately owned day spas catering to the occasional spa-goer with a gift certificate in hand. But after one treatment, you’ll realize why this spa has a loyal clientele of those who want immediate and lasting results for their skin. Though pretty in décor and not lacking in the usual spa accoutrements like water with lemon slices and tea, this spa is more about quality skincare than having you spend the day lounging around with your friends.

My face was no doubt showing the signs of new motherhood sleep deprivation, so I opted for the fast-acting and effective Biodynamic Facial ($180), a new treatment they’re offering. This facial, “melds the perfect ratio of vegetation, herbs, vitamins and minerals to awaken your inner beauty.” A fruit compote enzyme peel gently effaces all the impurities on the top layer of the skin, while preserving and nourishing the hydro-lipid barrier beneath. Flaxseed and herbs commingle in a light confection of a mask that soothes smoothes and softens the complexion. But what really sets this facial apart from the rest are the head, neck, hand and foot massages that leave you totally and utterly relaxed. The massage portion of most facials is usually just a tease and leaves you wanting more but my biodynamic facialist was a genuine double threat – both facialist and masseuse in one talented spa therapist.

Give yourself some extra time to spare as this facial lasts almost an hour and a half (and don’t mind my lack of tact in recommending the heated seat/bidet in the bathroom ;-). The facial ends with a detoxifying lavender mask, which simply lifts off the face still intact (my facialist actually peeled it off and showed it to me – very cool). Fortunately, this facial was gentle enough not to leave my face a red blotchy mess yet strong enough to give me the immediate and long-lasting results Metamorphosis is known for. My face was ridiculously soft and glowing – you’d never know I slept only 3 hours the night before!

Metamorphosis Day Spa
127 East 56th Street, #5.
Between: Park & Lex
New York, NY 10022
(212) 751-6051

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