How to Get Excellent Eyebrows With Shen Beauty

Ever notice how some people look completely excellent without makeup—and then spend a self-study session in the mirror pondering how to amp things up without applying a layer (or two)? I now have the answer, and it’s all about restoring the facial frame you were born with: eyebrows. I once thought mine were too thick and dark, and now I wish I could have them back. And I do.

I live in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn–in my biased opinion the best neighborhood in all the land. The gardens of Carroll are indeed lush and lovely. I know my neighbors, the shopkeepers, the dogs— and even a few of the babies. I can stroll on Court Street and get all of my material needs met while feeling good about supporting the old school mom and pops and welcoming the new. (I’m talking to you craft brew tasting room.)

But there are things you don’t want to do old school, and tinting brows and lashes falls into this category. I once traveled over an hour by subway to get my lashes tinted way uptown in the back room of a sketchy mani/pedi spot. It burned. It stung. Tears rolled down my face. It took a long time. I emerged with blue/black stains around my eyes that lasted for days. More recently, a colorist of the old school variety dyed my brows and I left looking like Grouch Marx’s sister with two black hyphens above my eyes.

Now I have Shen Beauty. Actually, I’ve had Shen Beauty for a while and have been a fan since they opened their friendly door on Court Street a few years ago. It’s my go-to for natural skincare products and grabbing a quick lipstick fix when seasons change. Recently I hovered in the back of the shop and watched while two people had their brows and lashes tinted, and when both emerged looking naturally fab I decided to give it a try.

Josh Beeler is the brow/waxing/makeup specialist who makes the experience soothing and rewarding. But let’s just call him an artist. He is a calming presence (a Pisces) who expertly applies the most suitable color for you so that your brows and lashes are restored and more. After a short, serene session, Josh gently removes the natural, vegetable based dye that he has custom blended just for you and gives your brows a tiny trim to gently coax them back into a flattering shape to frame your face. The lash tint brings a subtle drama to your eyes making them pop, seemingly all on their own.

You don’t have to tell a soul that you had your eyebrows and lashes tinted. All you have to do is thank everyone for telling you how good you look.

Call for an appointment with Josh – or take a chance and just drop in.

Shen Beauty
315 Court Street
Brooklyn NY, 11231

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