Get in Shape for Spring with the VelaShape III Body Contouring Treatment

Beauty in our culture is equated with being thin. The media inundates us with pictures of rail-thin models that we adopt as the ideal. It is not surprising that most women are dissatisfied with their weight and follow some kind of diet to help them shed pounds. Though experts recommend working out and building muscle as the best way to maintain one’s weight, stubborn areas of fat often resist all attempts at reduction. VelaShape III, a new non-invasive body-contouring procedure is a breakthrough in the market for women who struggle with pockets of fat or cellulite on their stomach or thighs. FDA cleared, it is virtually painless, with no surgery or down time after.

I recently went to try VelaShape III at the White Tea Med Spa in Manhattan to judge the efficacy of the new device. The White Tea Med Spa is a charming and peaceful oasis on busy 14th Street, beautifully decorated in an artsy, vintage style. Upon arriving, a friendly staff member offers you a cup of tea in a porcelain cup with matching saucer. After a little moment of respite with your tea, you are invited into your treatment room where an aesthetician will begin the treatment. I went on four different visits, as I wanted to get rid of a bulge around my waist that has refused to disappear since my second daughter’s birth a few years ago. I was the perfect candidate for VelaShape III.

This non-invasive treatment combines infrared, bi-polar RF, radio frequency pulsed vacuum and massage rollers to reduce overall volume around the waist. It also improves skin texture, helping to keep it elastic and smooth.

After lying down on my back, the technician applied a warm suction disk on my stomach and waist area that heated the tissue significantly. The suction mimics the pressure one might experience during a deep tissue massage, but the intense heat can be a little tough to endure. However, there’s no need to worry because my technician was more than happy to adjust the treatment for my personal comfort. She massaged the area for 45 minutes. In the end the suction felt more like tugging and pulling, as if your stomach was made out of dough. Though the first part of the experience is not painful at all, the tug and pull in the end can cause a mild discomfort. Just tell your technician and she will work on another area of your waist if you feel that the tugging is too intense. However, the result speaks for itself and is well worth a little discomfort. I looked into the mirror and saw that the stubborn little round bulge on my waist was gone. It melted away completely, after only one session.

In order to maintain the results, it is necessary to have additional sessions. For some reason, I felt that my body tried to make up for the new void around my waist by causing me to want to eat more than usual. Resist the impulse and go every two weeks to finish your treatment so that your body reprograms itself to melt fat and keep reducing the bulge. The best results for some may come weeks after they finish the treatment as the body keeps working at breaking down the fat cells after the sessions.

VelaShape III is five times stronger than its predecessor, so fewer sessions are required to see results, which is a serious perk for those of us who do not have the time to visit a spa on a daily basis. You can choose different options at the White Tea Med Spa.

Opt for the 360-degree, a one-time, 120-minute treatment that slims down the all-around stomach area for full circumferential reduction. You can also opt to have five to six 30-minute sessions over the course of 10 weeks, which is when best results can be achieved.

Before your VelaShape III appointment, drink 2 liters of water a day for three days prior to treatment. Don’t drink alcohol two days prior to your treatment. Drink a sports drink or 24 ounces of water two hours before treatment and moisturize the treatment area with lotion for three days prior. You should drink a lot of water in the days and weeks following the treatment, in order to flush out fat cells.

For more information about VelaShape III at the White Tea Med Spa go to www.

104 West 14th Street
Suite 2C
New York, NY 10011

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