Get Radiant Skin with A Laser Genesis Treatment

I recently experienced a Laser Genesis Treatment at Schweiger Dermatology, a beautiful new dermatology center on the Upper East Side. The center specializes in treating a variety of skin problems, including aging. Advances in aesthetic technologies are revolutionizing the fight against aging with new non-invasive methods, such as the Laser Genesis treatment. The treatment consists of getting heat into the fibroblasts of the skin where the collagen grows. Stimulating collagen is the key to anti-aging as it is the protein that gives skin the supple, elastic qualities most associated with youth.

Before the procedure, a doctor’s assistant explained in detail how the Laser Genesis treatment works. “ The deeper layers of your skin are like the coils of a mattress,” she explained to me. “You need to fix the coils of the mattress when they have been too worn.” A nurse then administered the treatment. You simply lie on your back, a gel is spread on your face and a sounding device emits the laser beams on to your skin. You will feel a light heat as if you were basking in the sun. If it gets uncomfortable just let the assistant know, but in my case I did not feel more than a warm, radiant sensation.

The treatment is also effective in reducing scarring and large pores. It is especially popular with brides who want to look as youthful and radiant as possible on their big day. You may remain pink for a while but ice can be applied to reduce the reaction. In any case, you will walk out of that office, looking refreshed and more youthful. Although a few visits are required to achieve the best results, you will notice an improvement after just the first visit. My skin looked as if it had been airbrushed. Treat yourself to a Laser Genesis treatment to help you look your best. You will love how you look.

Eric Schweiger, MD
Schweiger Dermatology Group
110 East 55th Street
New York, NY 10022
For more information about the procedure or the center, visit

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