Get Summer Ready Skin From Head To Toe With These Spa Products


Since we have a lot more skin exposed in the summer it takes more work to look presentable. These products that you can use at home help make the task a lot easier and more fun.

Completely Bare, now known as Spruce & Bond, has several products that help make hair removal about as easy and fun as it can get. The new All In One Travel Wax Kit is genius and contains several pre-made wax strips for face and bikini areas, as well as two moist towelettes. It also has a travel-sized cream designed to inhibit hair growth where you don’t want it. Available at, For hair removal service information visit

Iluminage Precise Touch is a permanent hair removal system that you can use at home. Powered by elos technology, the Iluminage Precise Touch device is the only FDA-approved technology for permanent results on all skin tones, including the widest range of hair colors. Precise Touch treatments disable the hair follicle so that unwanted hair does not grow back. The device is simple to use and delivers Intense Pulsed Light and Radio Frequency that is painless and can adjust to deliver a weaker or stronger intensity. Use it once a week for approximately six weeks to see full results. Available at

Schick Intuition Revitalizing Moisture Razor is a new razor that lathers and moisturizes while you shave. That’s right, there’s no need to use shaving gel with this baby. It comes in a delicious Tropical Citrus scent.

If you haven’t seen enough sun yet this summer, take matters into your own hands with the Tropic Spa Home Mist Tanning System. When used at home it hangs on the bathroom or shower door and can be aimed at your body with a continuous spray as you turn around. The system includes hair, hand and foot covers to protect areas that you don’t want sprayed. Best of all the formula is clear and won’t create a mess. The tan develops over several hours and lasts about one week.

For an instant bronze glow when you don’t have one, try Hide & Glow Seek, a firming, luminous and tinted body spray from Bliss. It helps to hide imperfections while giving you a “J Lo” glow.

Alas, our feet are usually the last to be pampered and need it the most. Baby Foot to the rescue. This handy invention is a plastic, lavender scented bootie, infused with seventeen natural moisturizing extracts that you wear for one hour. Remove the booties, wash off your feet and over the next few days the dead skin cells begin to peel away, leaving baby soft skin.

CapriClear Coconut Oil Spray is amazing for moisturizing dehydrated summer skin. Conceived by a dermatologist, this natural, spray is colorless, odorless and free of preservatives, parabens, sulfates or other irritants. It is also great for sunburn treatment.

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