Get Your Sweet Cheeks Moving With a New Cellulite Massage Mat

Cellulite. The word alone, conjures up negative thoughts of fat and bumpy skin. Well, I never give up the fight to find ways to battle this demon. Recently, I discovered an interesting and innovative method for waging war against cellulite, called SweetCheeks, a cellulite massage mat. It works by simply sitting on it. If it sounds too good to be true, it isn’t.

Just place the two-piece mat on your chair at work, in your car, watching television, on an airplane or bus ride. The possibilities are endless, and there is absolutely no extra time involved. Best of all, the product is light and portable. It comes with its own zippered carrying case that looks like it’s for a laptop or some other device. No one will know what it is or why you’re using it.

The brainchild of attorney and former nurse practitioner, Ali Gallagher, SweetCheeks is FDA registered as a manual massager that will temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite and increase local circulation. SweetCheeks is also FDA registered to relieve minor muscle aches, pains and spasms. There are two versions of SweetCheeks: Flexibile and Rigid. Each comes with two pieces that you place on your chair or seat and sit on for at least 30 minutes, until you feel a tingling sensation that makes you want to stand up. One version is made with softer, more pliable rubber, and the other is stiffer and less comfortable to sit on. I found that for my cellulite I preferred sitting on the stiffer rubber because it gave me a deeper massage. I also felt like it got my circulation going better.

When you stand up and look at the back of your thighs you see little x marks that gradually disappear and reveal smoother and tighter skin. The results improve over time, and I recommend using the SweetCheeks daily, if possible. I have definitely noticed an improvement in my cellulite, particularly when coupled with toning exercises for the back of my thighs. In order to really fight cellulite, it takes regular toning, circulation and topical creams that will temporarily improve skin tone.
SweetCheeks is a gift from heaven for my cellulite, and I recommend it to everyone, even if you don’t have cellulite. This mat really improves circulation and reminds us to get up and walk around, especially when we sit all day at a desk. The additional uses to relieve muscle aches and pains just make SweetCheeks the perfect product for everyone.

For more information on how to use the product, and to purchase your SweetCheeks, go to

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