Give Your Energy a Lift at Ling’s Spa

At the end of the cold winter we have had, my complexion is not at its best. A little dull, it definitely needs an energizing boost to replenish its appearance. This is exactly what I looked for when I booked an appointment at Ling’s Spa by Union Square, which recently launched its new Energy Lift Facial or Tourmaline Wellness Therapy. I was in for a surprise as this facial is unlike any I have ever had.

The facial consists of a body treatment first that feels like part massage and part acupuncture treatment. It binds body, face and spirit. I was invited to lie down with my face down over a cushioned ring. My aesthetician then used a healing vibration energy machine embedded with Tourmaline and slowly pressed at different points on my spine. Tourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone considered the highest energy producing crystal in the world. This heat therapy uses moxibustion like in acupuncture by raising the temperature at acupoints to stimulate the natural healing abilities of the body. Far -infrared ray energy is the same frequency as the body’s natural energy.

The Tourmaline gemstone emits negative ions and far-infrared rays that help clear the body of toxins. By ridding toxins, vitality returns. It is quite an amazing sensation to feel this hot but smooth stone all over your back. So much tension is stored in your spine, as my aesthetician explained, that you cannot help your skin reenergize itself without first releasing that tension to allow a smooth flow of “chi” throughout your body. I was not far from heaven as my thoughts started to drift off under the gentle stroke of the Tourmaline stone going down my spine. After a while I was asked to turn around and the Tourmaline stone was applied all over my face to release it from stress. Far-infrared healing energy applied to facial acupressure points instantly rejuvenates and energizes the face. The contours of your face will also feel stimulated and lifted. Part of the treatment includes exfoliating the skin with one of Ling’s special masks, the Spotlight Papaya Resurface Peel. All dead cells and impurities were removed, and blackheads were squeezed out manually by the aesthetician. In the end, my face was hydrated with the Calming Hydrator from Ling with Aloe and Chamomile, a therapeutic blend of moisture.

I was so dazed and relaxed after my treatment, I had trouble walking out of the room but I really recommend this treatment. This Energy Lift Therapy is not just a facial but a total body treatment including lymphatic drainage that resets your metabolism to its best level, resulting in extremely radiant skin. I would do it every week!

The Energy Lift Therapy is available at LING Skin Care Union Square, 12 East 16th Street, and LING Skin Care Upper West Side, 105 W.77th Street, NYC. More information can be found at

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