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For some, there are no limits to what they’re willing to endure to seek a youthful look. Pricey creams, professional facials, shots of Botox or fillers, laser treatments and then for a few, plastic surgery. I’ve tried them all, other than the last one, and hope that step is many years away, or hopefully won’t be necessary at all for me to be happy with myself.

When I read about an acupuncture facial, I got really excited. This was something that I had to try. I’m a big supporter in acupuncture. I’ve seen it work wonders on many illnesses and conditions, from joint pain to morning sickness in pregnant women. My philosophy is, if it can’t hurt, why not try it? And try it I did, at the lovely Giving Nature Center in Chelsea.

The Giving Nature Center is owned by Janet Humphrey who is certified in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and licensed in both New York and California. Along with keeping her clients looking good, Janet is also committed to holistic health and wellness as a complement to western medicine. Along with acupuncture, Janet creates herbal formulas which help maintain health naturally.

I couldn’t wait to experience my acupuncture facial and immediately upon entering felt the calm of the Giving Nature Center. The facial consists first of discussing issues that are to be treated. This runs the gamut from wrinkles, sagging, acne, puffiness or discoloration. My issues are fine lines and an overall more youthful look. After this, I lied down on a spa bed and my face was gently cleansed. Following that was a lovely warm gel mask soaked in Chinese herbs. While the mask was doing its magic, acupuncture needles were inserted into various parts of my body – legs, feet, hands. There’s no pain involved. The herbal mask was removed and then acupuncture needles were inserted into the face. Again, there’s no discomfort and I simply relaxed for twenty minutes with the tiny needles in me. The needles were removed after approximately 20 minutes and an egg white and pearl powder mask was applied. After a while, that mask was removed and moisturizer was applied. Already in a totally blissful state, I was then given a really relaxing face and neck massage. The final touches were a jade bar gently rolled over my face and then a finishing spritz of rosewater. Heaven!

My skin looked wonderful. My complexion was bright and radiant. My skin felt firmer. Some say that acupuncture facials are an alternative to Botox or a facelift, and after only having one treatment I can’t honestly say yes or not to that. However, I can say that the one treatment did make a difference in how I looked for weeks, and I think that doing this on a monthly basis would definitely help in anyone’s anti aging regime. For an inexpensive alternative, The Giving Nature Center offers Community Style Acupuncture, where for a much lesser price, you forgo the private room, remain fully clothed, and have acupuncture in a small room in a very comfortable zero-gravity reclining chair, with other people doing the same thing. It doesn’t need for be for the face only, you can try this for any health issue such as depression, anxiety, muscle pain, headaches, smoking cessation or even insomnia. BTW, the day I went for my treatment, I was at the tail end of a nasty cough, so while I wasn’t contagious I was still coughing. I was treated for that as well with some of the acupuncture needles applied for that purpose, and not only did I not cough during the facial, I didn’t starting coughing again for 2 days!

The center offers many wellness treatments that aren’t acupuncture, such as herbal therapy, bio identical hormone treatment, children’s wellness and Reflexology, just to name some of them.
Experience the Giving Nature Center, you’ll find a wonderful world of looking and feeling great!

Giving Nature Center
155 West 19th Street

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