Go Around the World in One Hour


If you don’t think it’s possible to go around the world in an hour, think again. If you put yourself in the expert hands of Lora Condon, you can. This massage therapist to the stars offers an unbeatable sampling of Reiki, Reflexology and Swedish massage all wrapped up in a package called Around the World in One Hour. I made my trip around the world and I’m ready to go back again.

The beauty of this treatment is the way it covers the spa globe including Japanese Reiki, Swedish massage and Egyptian inspired reflexology. Lora also uses Native American Raindrop Essential Oil treatment on the spine. She began with me on my back using essential oils to massage my neck and shoulders. Then Lora moved to my arms, legs and feet, first performing Reiki. Lora explained that with Reiki massage, the hands are placed over energy points across the body called Chakras. During the massage Lora periodically paused and held her hand over these points on my body and I felt the heat from her hands transfer into those areas.

The Reflexology portion of the treatment concentrates on the feet with the use of essential oils there, which Lora explained are best absorbed through the soles of the feet. Lora told me that the Reflexology would help release toxins into the body and that I should be sure and drink plenty of water to flush them out later.

When I turned over on my stomach, Lora performed the Raindrop Therapy, a Native American treatment designed to detoxify and purify the bloodstream. It felt like raindrops of essential oils were falling up and down my spine. The Raindrop Therapy oils have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral immune boosting properties that are absorbed through the spine and Lora said they remain in the body for a week. These oils included oregano, thyme, basil and peppermint.
The scent was so energizing as well as relaxing. At the end of my treatment Lora lit incense, which she said brought the good spirits.

I am obsessed with this massage treatment because it is so focused on health and wellness. I felt energized at the end but also balanced and relaxed. Everyone should take this trip around the world, at least once.

Lora Condon
Magic Hands Skin and Body

1100 South Ave West?2nd fl
?Westfield, NJ 07090
“Sundays by appointment only”?
20 West 20th Street, Suite 603?
New York, NY 10011

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