Go Face to Face with Enrique and Get Your Winter Glow On


My facial with Enrique Ramirez, owner of the face to face nyc spa, was a combination of heaven and mild but necessary discomfort. It was also one of the best facials I have ever had, with results that were undeniable. This facial was all business and not about wasting time. It was consistent with the vibe of the spa, which is no nonsense, simple and without pretense. Even the décor is spare, with furnishings that are sleek and modern, yet warm and comfortable.

I felt instantly at ease when Enrique introduced himself and ushered me to the spa room to change. He told me to just take off my top since it was a facial. I actually liked not having to completely disrobe if it wasn’t necessary, particularly since it was 30 degrees outside. He asked if I wanted a heated blanket and I did since and I was still thawing out. When he returned I was comfortably cocooned underneath the heated blanket and sheets.

Enrique and I spoke initially regarding what he planned to do, which was cleanse my face and then take a look at it to see what it needed. There was no intrusive small talk but then I don’t like that. I am sure that if a client wanted to talk, Enrique would pick up the clue. He was respectful and professional, something that I find lacking in some spas.

After massaging and cleaning my face, Enrique covered my eyes and inspected my skin. The moment of truth! My skin was “clogged,” he said and he would use microdermabrasion and then do extractions. Yikes! I had visions of leaving the spa in dark glasses at night with scars and bruises on my face. I always dread extractions, but maybe that’s why my skin was “clogged.” I hate them. OK, I thought, let’s do it. But when Enrique mentioned he might need to use a tool to get out some of the whiteheads, I was sure I would be in hiding the next day.

The microdermabrasion was so thorough that it resulted in a powdery substance that Enrique brushed off my face. Was that my dead skin? Yuck. But it would make me look good, eventually. Then Enrique cleansed my face and began the extraction phase.

I am always amazed at how much stuff I need extracted when I can never see it myself. Suffice to say, Enrique’s eyes are better than mine. He found dozens of whiteheads, blackheads, whatever they were, and squeezed them out, sometimes very forcefully but never painfully. Still, I just knew I would have at least some scarring.

To say I was not relaxed after the extractions would be an understatement, but Enrique made up for the tension he induced. He gave me a great arm, shoulder and hand massage while a post-extraction mask calmed my face down. By the end I had almost forgotten the possible scars on my face and could barely sit up.

As soon as Enrique left me to get dressed, I roused myself to peek in the mirror and view the damage. NOTHING! Maybe it was dark in the room or it would take time to get bruised, but I looked fantastic and glowing. My skin felt so smooth that I vowed to put my face in Enrique’s hands forever.

The glow was still on days after my facial, and the only tell tale sign was a tiny scab on my left cheek that quickly went away. The minor discomfort was absolutely worth the major glow. All this and they even give clients a free tote filled with products from the spa. What better way to revive your skin this winter?

To find out more about the spa go to http://www.facetofacenyc.com.

face to face nyc
20 West 20th Street, Suite 603
New York, NY 10011

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