Go to Another World at NuBest Salon

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At first glance the building that houses the NuBest Salon & Spa in Manhasset, New York, looks like a huge space ship. It is a gigantic, silver box shaped building that looks as if there are no windows, only glass doors to enter. Once inside, I felt transported to another world. The salon décor is just as modern as the exterior, with high ceilings, clean lines, chrome accents and lots of black and white. It’s a bustling Mecca of beauty that I can’t believe I never visited until now.

NuBest is truly a full service, one stop salon with hair, makeup, spa and nail services, all under one roof. I visited the Spa that is located in its own separate part of the building, with relaxing neutral colors, high ceilings and dim lighting. I had a European Facial that was complete with extractions, custom mask and nearly constant facial massage. It also included treatment of the neck and décolleté, along with a shoulder massage. My esthetician was gentle, yet applied precisely the right amount of pressure during extractions and massage.

After my facial, I had a manicure that was done expertly and efficiently. NuBest uses high quality base and topcoat products by Duri that strengthen and nourish the nails. I have used Duri products in the past and they absolutely cured my split and weak nails. Unlike most other nail salons, there is no additional charge for these products at NuBest.

NuBest is not actually on another planet (unless you think Manhasset is one) but it gives services and treatments that are out of this world. It is unequivocally worth the trip.

NuBest Salon & Spa
1482 Northern Boulevard
Manhassett, NY 11030

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