Happy 40th Birthday DECLÉOR, Paris!


DECLÉOR Paris’ signature yellow, glass orbs are prominently displayed in spas across the globe as a trusted symbol of excellence for discerning spa goers.

Today natural products containing essential oils are the darlings of the beauty industry, heralded by countless beauty experts as a recent discovery which is quite literally changing the face of skin care. The pioneering French duo behind DECLÉOR Paris, which has enjoyed four decades as trusted leader in Aromatherapy Cosmetic and Professional care, Solange Dessimoulie, and renowned Aroma therapist Caroline Colliard are justifiably bemused by all the recent hype. They discovered the powerful and extraordinary benefits of plant-based essential oils forty years ago at a time when animal oils were in mainstream use in beauty products. Luckily for us in 1974 they decided to share this secret by building their natural philosophy based on three founding values: Naturalness, sensorality and effectiveness.

I caught up with Shannon Gallogly, DECLÉOR Paris’ National Education and Training Manager to discover the secret to the brand’s longevity and wide reaching success.

BN: First things first Happy 40th Birthday DECLÉOR! How does it feel to be the other side of the hill?
SG: Ha! Absolutely great! We are proud of our legacy as beauty aromatherapy pioneers and will continue on our quest. Although the industry is always evolving so I don’t think we will ever be over the hill!

BN: So what does the next 40 years have in store for DECLÉOR?
SG: By staying true to the brand’s beliefs to offer unique experiences, result-driven products fueled by amazing ingredients, innovation and technology, we can anticipate another great 40 years!

BN: How do you see the beauty industry evolving? How is technology impacting the products DECLÉOR offers?
SG: Technology is huge for DECLÉOR! We have a catalogue of essential oils and natural ingredients that are ever expanding as we to continue to make headway in the research and development space. DECLÉOR’s team of scientists are always traveling the world to discover new and unusual botanical/plant and flower ingredients to find the most potent cocktail of ingredients to remedy countless skin conditions and effects.

BN: DECLÉOR’s active ingredients are plant based and taken from nature; do you feel a responsibility to give back?
SG: Yes, absolutely, we have a responsibility to the environment and communities which support us which is why we give back to nature year after year and will continue to do so. Our efforts are particularly focused on Madagascar, where DECLÉOR sources over 25% of the raw materials used in our formulations. We work closely with ASMADA to deliver projects focused on reforestation, access to drinking water and solar electricity for schools.

BN: Which DECLÉOR products would you recommend Beauty News New York readers try?
SG: Well, we started life as an in-spa brand but now we offer both in spa and at home treatments. With over 50 essential oils used in more than 50 formulations, there really is something for everyone, and a spa therapist would be able to prescribe the perfect combination, but that said here is a suggestion for all skin types:

Remove makeup with Aroma Cleanse Eye Make-Up Remover, cleanse your face and neck with 3 in 1 Hydra-Radiance Smoothing & Cleansing Mousse or Aroma Cleanse Micro-Smoothing Cream.

Try Life Radiance Double Radiance Scrub or Phytopeel Natural Exfoliant Cream.

Step 3 TONE
with Aroma Cleanse Essential Tonifying Lotion.

with AROMESSENCE Neroli Essential Serum and Life Radiance Double Radiance Cream.

Step 5 Professional Treatment
Book a signature Aroma treatment at your local DECLÉOR spa.

Step 6. Get some beauty sleep!
Keep your skin gorgeous and healthy by never, ever going to sleep with your makeup on. Use Aroma Night Neroli Essential Night Balm Essential Cleansing Milk to erase every last trace.

BN: Great Thanks! You might be a little bit biased on how effective DECLÉOR is. Is anyone else we may know a fan?
SG: True! It’s my job to tell you how great DECLÉOR is but don’t just take my word for it, I’m in excellent company as DECLÉOR is favored by Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams, Brad Pitt and Christian Bale.

BN: Well I suppose that’s a few beauties who must be doing something right! Since most of our readers are in the New York area, do you have any specific skin care tips for New Yorkers?
SG: Oh, yes! First, everyone should be using an AROMESSENCE Serum partnered with a HydraFloral Moisturizing Cream. The Duo keeps the skin full of needed water – up to 63% after 8 hours! The Duo also work as a natural swifter to collect the impurities and free radicals from absorbing into our skin until we are ready to wash them off at home.

BN: Wow! Can I try it out?
SG: Yes of course!

BN: Thanks & Happy Birthday!

The Verdict?

The “Aroma Duo Concept,” a beauty ritual which features AROMESSENCE serum along with a corresponding day cream which when used together can dramatically improve results and effectiveness, is at the heart of the feel good and results driven brand. I tested the hydration duo which promises to restore skin’s radiance and deliver 63% hydration, a big claim for two 15ml bottles. However after just one morning application of a couple of drops of Aromessence Neroli followed by the Hydra Floral multi-protection 24 hour moisture activator light cream, my skin looked facial fresh. The sumptuous bouquet of Sandalwood, Petitgrain, Sage, Parsley and Juniper which lingered on my skin, gave me an uplifting yet relaxing start to the day. Perhaps they might consider making wine?

For more information please visit http://www.DECLÉORusa.com.

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