Have A Spa Day at Home

You deserve an at-home pamper day, and here’s how to do it:

Fancii Rivo
Nourish your complexion and bring the salon to you with the Fancii Rivo. From a skin warm up to a skin workout, this versatile product has six treatment settings from warm and cool steam options to tone and tighten, hydrate, restore elasticity, increase blood circulation, help prevent blackheads and blemishes, and promote collagen production for an added bonus! To multi task while you take care of your skin, I recommend keeping the Rivo at a desk where you work, check email, or engage with too much social media because you only need 10 to 30 minutes a day to see a difference in a few weeks. Make you sure you always start your Rivo with a clean face and fill the tank with distilled water. NOT tap water. The 360-degree rotating nozzle is fabulous because you actually will get steam to every area of your face, neck, and shoulders, without having to move at all. Get $6 dollars off your first order when you sign up to receive emails and find this amazing product and more at https://fancii.com/.

Check out this awesome skincare game changer that works magic on your face. The ultrasonic device DERMAFLASH MINI easily removes peach fuzz, and flaky skin on those hard-to-reach areas around your nose, brows, eyes, upper lip and moustache. Let me tell you it REALLY works. I could not believe how much hair I had on my face that the DERMAFLASH took off. Normally I would have to go and get a wax, but this was way more convenient and it still got the job done. Plus in the long run this product will save you cash instead of going up to the beauty salon every couple of weeks. My skin was super soft after and it was fun to watch all the hair come off in the process. Make sure though when you use this mechanism you hold your skin taut and at a 45-degree angle. For tried eyes use gently use the roller from the inner to outer corners to depuff. The DERMAFLASH MINI is the perfect travel device to keep in your bag to make sure you always look your best. Save 10% when you sign up for emails. View the entire collection at https://dermaflash.com/

Completely Bare Glow Lotion
Keep your summer glow all year long with Completely Bare Glow Lotion. It’s not easy to find a lotion that actually accentuates that sun-kissed look but this fabulous product does just that and more. Not only will this Glow Lotion enhance your tan and hydrate your skin, but because it is produced with capislow it will help to reduce hair density, length, and regrowth. This moisturizer is a double win win! One important note is to thoroughly wash hands after application and do not get your skin wet four to eight hours after you use this product. Completely Bare Glow Lotion is also dermatologist tested, PETA certified cruelty-free, vegan, and formulated parabens and phthalates. Find on social at @completelybare,#GlowNBehold and #dontgrowGLOW. To learn more, go to https://completelybare.com/