Hibba NYC – Soho’s Latest Answer to Hair Removal


In today’s day and age, it’s safe to say that a bad eyebrow shaping is a thousand times worse than the proverbial bad haircut. Sure, both disasters can be rectified with some patience, as hair, by nature, (usually) grows back eventually. But really, the only choice we have to avoid such hair disasters is to enlist the help of an expert and trust that she won’t have us wearing hats and sunglasses every minute of the day. Such an expert ‘browologist’ is Hibba Kipal, who at the young age of 24, has shared her talent and used her entrepreneurial spirit to open her very own hair removal boutique.

Located in trendy Soho on West Broadway, Hibba NYC is a charming 2nd floor walk-up with colorful décor reminiscent of Hibba’s native India. Hibba grew up being everyone’s favorite go-to threader; and over the last few years, she gained a loyal clientele and a ton of professional experience in some of New York City’s best threading boutiques before opening up her own business. Hibba practices Browology©, a term that she coined herself and is defined as the signature brow sculpting art of creating perfect eyebrows for your face. Hibba currently offers threading, sugaring and waxing and she is planning on expanding her list of services to include spa treatments as well.

Threading is one of the oldest forms of hair removal. A spool of all natural cotton thread is twisted to create a lasso effect, creating a precise shape when pulling hair out from the roots. Sounds painful but you get used to the sensation fairly quickly (and if you can tolerate tweezing or waxing, you’ll be fine). Threading can achieve a more precise eyebrow shape than waxing or tweezing, while also avoiding ingrown hairs and irritation on sensitive facial skin. Hibba NYC’s company motto is ‘Go Green with Threading™‘ using only natural cotton thread for threading and offering a choice between two natural waxes for body hair removal, Sugaring and Azulene. Sugaring, which is adopted from ancient Egyptian methods of hair-removal is made from sugar, water, gel and rose oil, and Azulene is an all-natural wax composed of mushroom extracts, chamomile and resins. Both methods are efficient and gentle to your skin.

Hibba worked quickly (but not too quickly) with precision and ease, and I was very happy, not to mention relieved, with the results. As with any top-notch beauty expert, Hibba listened carefully to my requests and preferences but also used her own instincts to achieve the right eyebrow shape. She even gave me a demonstration/tutorial on how to use an eyebrow pencil to fill in gaps and help my eyebrows appear fuller and darker, while still natural (not drawn on lunch-lady style). I will definitely return to Hibba and take advantage of the hair removal packages she offers.

Unlike with a bad haircut, you really can’t cover your eyebrows with a hat or tie them back with a bow. So, it’s important to find an eyebrow expert who you trust. And hey, considering you’re shopping in Soho on a regular basis anyway, stop by Hibba NYC and add her to your list of go-to beauty experts!

Hibba NYC
448 W Broadway 2nd Floor

New York, NY 10012

between Prince st and Houston st


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