Hot Spot This Winter For Perfect Skin [Tribeca]


There was a time when no one ventured below fourteenth street in Manhattan unless you were an Investment Banker on Wall Street, or you lived on Staten Island (tsk,tsk). But these days, you’re more likely to get a raised eyebrow if you don’t venture downtown. In the world of Manhattan beauty, Tribeca is a veritable hot spot for those in search of facelifts, tummy tucks or chemical peels; an undeniable hub for the new breed of ‘cosmetic spas’. Whether choosing Tribeca Skin Care, TriBeca Medspa to Euphoria Spa and John Allan’s for men, there’s no demographic stone left unturned.

Tribeca Skin Care is an impressive three storey building on 44 Hudson that opened its doors very recently. This is where Dr. Sydney Coleman practices his unique fat grafting procedures. It also offers full services including botox injections, sculptra, chemical peels, cosmetic tattooing, laser hair removal, and Dermaplaning.


Curious about cosmetic tattooing? So were we! This is a procedure where micropigments are tattooed to parts of your body like the eyelids or eyebrows so you don’t have to apply makeup on a regular basis. Eyeliner applied to your lids using surgical-grade pigments means your eyes look gorgeous when you tumble out of bed, and your makeup doesn’t smudge when you emerge out of the swimming pool. At Tribeca Skin care, this practice is led by esthetician Donna Messenger, who is well known for her work in the area of permanent cosmetics.

Searching for a treatment to dramatically reduce acne? Look no further than Euphoria Spa. Located at 18 Harrison Street it’s the home of the Plasma Microablation Facial. This is a non-surgical “face lift,” which fuses a luxurious facial with more traditional elements (steaming, extractions and a deep-cleansing mask) with an anti-bacterial saline solution and plasma jet stream applied to your face. This procedure dramatically reduces acne and evens skin tone. You can be sure that all pores will be clean and clear when you’ve experienced this treatment. The procedure lived up to its promise: blemishes and scars were visibly reduced within 72 hours.

tribecaeuphoriaspamassageroom.jpg tribecaeuphoriaspafacial_2.jpg

If you want to look as though you’ve just come back from a trip to Tahiti, you can combine the Plasma Microablation treatment with a Contoured Spray Tan, which will leave your skin glowing and brown (and help you beat the winter blues to boot!).

Tribeca Med Spa, at 114 Hudson Street, is another location where you can receive procedures including the Titan Skin Tightening, Botox and the spa’s signature Stem Cell Facial (check our January issue for an in-depth review of this treatment).


We haven’t forgotten about the men! John Allan’s spa is clearly a cut above when it comes to male grooming, and offers the gentleman a no-frills, clean-cut environment to experience the best in facials, manicures, shoeshines and beverages. The shop also offers exquisite products for hair, skin and shaving needs. To book an appointment, call 212 334 5358.

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