Know Before You Go: Six Essential Tips Before Your Overdue Bikini Wax

Winter is the season to bundle up, with nary a bathing suit in sight, so you’re not the only one who’s gotten a bit lazy about making her next bikini wax appointment. But Valentine’s Day is rolling around, and didn’t you say you had a beach getaway planned soon? Time to get groomed, STAT!

Luda, wax esthetician extraordinaire at Shear Bella Salon, shared some super tips with me about how to prep for your appointment if your last visit was less than recent.

Make your appointment in advance. If you have a tropical vacation on the horizon, don’t wait to wax at the last minute in an attempt to leave town with a flawless finish. It takes a few days for your skin to recuperate, and sun and sand are not friends to sensitive, open pores. You could be setting yourself up for an infection.

Don’t trim beforehand. You might think you are doing your spa technician a favor, but it’s actually much easier for wax to grip longer hair. The standard honey wax option provides the best grip, and the specialty wax (like chocolate wax, for example) that some spas offer will provide similar results and leave you feeling less sticky afterwards.

Skip the body lotion on the day of your appointment. Lotion makes it very difficult for the wax to grip the skin, making for less than perfect results. If you must use lotion on the evening following the appointment, choose a fragrance-free option to prevent irritation.

Arrive to the spa relaxed. You know the drill, as do they. There’s no need to feel embarrassed, and when you are tense, it makes the process more painful.

Pamper your skin post-wax. If your skin is sensitive, grab some baby powder or apply a warm cloth to aid recovery. If after a week or so you notice any ingrown hairs, dab a salicylic acid-based product on a cotton ball to gently exfoliate and reveal the rebel hair. Luda recommends Tend Skin,, or Shaveworks The Cool Fix,

Make your next appointment for 3-4 weeks afterwards. Results should last for about 2-3 weeks before you start to see signs of the next phase of growth. Three to four weeks is enough time for the next appointment to be worthwhile. Without a doubt, the more often you go, the less daunting the trip.

Shear Bella Salon
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New York, NY 10022

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