Lie Back and Say Spahhh…
The Rise of Our Spa Dentistry Practice, DT Smile Design

From the moment we met at the NYU School of Dentistry, we knew that together, we were a force to be reckoned with and we were going to take the male-dominated cosmetic dental industry by storm, which is exactly what we did. When we started to create DT Smile Design, we considered the best way to merge our profession, cosmetic dentistry, with our favorite thing – the spa!

When we thought of a spa, images of serene settings, friendly faces and a relaxed environment came to mind. We thought about indulging and pampering ourselves with treatments that make us look and feel healthy inside and out. Conversely, when we thought of dentistry, none of these thoughts entered our minds – and we believe that the general public would say the same, until recently. The idea of a dental spa used to be an oxymoron…a belief that we set out to prove wrong.

Dr. Jill DeBiasi, D.D.S., & Dr. Cheryl Tomasulo, D.D.S.

When most people walk into a dental office, they are usually less-than-thrilled to be there. So, as we began to build out our practice’s décor and treatment offerings, we didn’t leave the end result to chance. We actually asked our clients – most of whom are New Yorkers who know what they want and aren’t afraid to communicate it – about what would make their dental experience more enjoyable. The majority of patients wanted a relaxing setting that they wouldn’t dread visiting.

The end result, DT Smile Design, is an office that is quite different than the average practice. From the moment patients are welcomed into our doors, we ensure that their dental visit is unlike any they’ve had before. Visitors are greeted with zen-like music and the smell of our favorite aromatherapy candles scattered throughout the office – rather than disinfectant, mouthwash and drills. They are offered pitchers of ice water with freshly sliced lemon and citrus fruits. Organic, herbal hot and cold teas are always available, and we keep the fridge stocked with sparkling water…never any soda.

Good dental care is a partnership between patient, doctor – and spa services only enhance this relationship, as these amenities tend to relieve stress. Stress relief then leads to reduced tension and apprehension in patients coming in for routine visits. Relaxed patients are also a plus for us! We are able to work more effectively when clients are calmer. Thus, the spa-like services we offer, including Botox injections, Restylane treatments, and Juvederm sessions, all greatly enhance not only the services we provide, but add to the dental work we provide to our patients on a daily basis.

When a client comes in for any type of cosmetic dental service, whether it’s something as simple as a monthly routine cleaning, a filling, a round of teeth whitening, or as complicated as a procedure like a smile makeover, it’s natural to want to improve facial aesthetics surrounding the mouth to obtain the best smile possible. Spa services are the perfect answer to achieving optimal results – and the treatments we offer are simply an extension of good dental work.

These spa-like qualities and procedures not only improve smiles, but give us the ability to offer our clients the opportunity to lie back and be pampered – making their trip to the dentist a lot more enjoyable! We’ve overheard patients say, “Wow…this is so different than traditional dentist with its austere waiting room filled with plastic chairs.” And that really makes us so happy. We have achieved our goal, and hope that in the future we can offer even more of a spa setting. We’re in talks to offer reflexology and massage therapy treatments to patients and hope to start rolling that out in the near future.

Spa dentistry is a growing trend, particularly among dentists like ourselves who focus on cosmetic procedures…but we like to think that DT Smile Design is on the forefront of the trend, leading the charge. Our patients can now take advantage of the fact that they can further enhance their appearance during their routine six-month cleaning.

As working moms of young children, we’re always looking for a few extra minutes to squeeze in a spa visit to help feel and look rejuvenated. Unfortunately, finding that time can be difficult…so anytime we can multitask, it’s a plus. We keep this in mind when offering spa services, and really understand the value of giving clients a variety of options and an array of services when coming in for a routine visit.

While we offer those spa services that are right for our patients and make sense for our practice, we don’t consider our office a spa alternative. But as we continue to grow and build out our offerings, who knows what the future may hold!

250 East 63rd Street btw 2nd & 3rd Ave.
New York, NY 10021
Phone: (212) 753-5250
Fax: (212) 753-0530

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