Love is in the Air: A Valentine’s Day Spa Product Roundup


Philosophy’s “Falling In Love” Bubble Bath

Feeling a little stressed? Want to escape the reality of work and responsibilities? Philosophy’s Falling In Love bubble bath is a high foaming formula infused with the sweet falling in love fragrance.


It truly makes you feel feminine and clams your senses. This bubble bath leaves skin noticeably smooth and silky with a sexy scent that is guaranteed to make you fall in love with this foaming phenomenon. Falling In Love retails for $15 and can be found at Sephora or

Grampa’s Garden Healing Heart Pac and Happy Heart Massage Tool

If you’re looking for something to hold near and dear to your heart than look no further than Grampa’s Garden Healing Heart Pac. This therapeutic and aromatic pack can be heated in the microwave (no more than 15 sec. at a time) to help relieve chest congestion, soothe stomach aches and even calm menstrual cramps. Its 9′ in diameter and can even be placed over the eyes as a soothing eye pillow. Cozy up with your healing heart pac after a long day at work or pass it along to the ones you love to alleviate their stress. Available for $14.40 each at


While the Heart Pac works when you’re solo, you may want to use the Happy Heart Massage Tool with someone you love. The massage tool is extremely easy to use and effectively reduces muscle tension. These come in pink, purple, green and blue and can even be heated in warm water for a special touch. Keep these next to your bed, by the couch, take it along when you travel or even keep it at the office. For best results, use two Massage Tools at once.

Kiehl’s French Rosewater

As if you need another reason to love Kiehl’s products, their French Rosewater Body Rub will freshen you up in no time. This alcohol-free, lightly scented, non-drying formula can be used as a freshener or as an after-shower body rub. Put some in a spray bottle and keep it in your gym locker, in the car, or at your desk for an instant after-workout or midday pick-me-up when you’re feeling less than stunning. Available for $13.00 at


Pretty In Pink Sleep Mask

We aren’t even going to ask if you could use more sleep – we all could use more rest. While we can’t often control how much we get, we can control the quality of our sleep by shutting out distracting light and noise. The Pretty in Pink Sleep Mask creates a total blackout experience. The foam padding provides comfort and helps avoid puffy eyes.


Your eyelashes won’t hit against the mask like silk versions and the adjustable strap allows for a comfortable fit without leaving indentations in your hair. Take it with you on the plane or put it on when you’re taking a catnap to maximize your rest. The Sleep Pretty in Pink Sleep Mask is available for $9.97 at When you’re checking out the mask, look into the Sleep Pretty in Pink Ear Plugs. They’re perfect for that chatty Cathy sitting next to you on the plane, or for a night when the neighbor’s party goes longer than expected. And they come in, you guessed it, pink!

Crystal Healing Robe Experience

If you’re looking to show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day, splurge on small indulgences. The Gilden Tree Crystal Healing Robe Experience combines a plush robe, slippers, velour headband, Amethyst crystals and fragrant lavender bath tea bags in an attractive woven basket (perfect for storing stuff after you’ve opened you own little package of Zen).


Known by some as the “Master Healing Crystal,” the Amethyst is known to purify and alter negative energy. The crystals and lavender bath tea bags (genius!) are soothing, relaxing and calming. The entire package suggests pure relaxation. The Crystal Healing Robe Experience retails for $119.50 and can be found on

Japonesque Manicure Kit in Pink

If you love your nails, you need to care for them, even if you get regular manicures. The Japonesque Manicure Kit is professional grade. It includes everything you need and then some: nail/brow scissors, an artisan slant tweezer, nail clipper, a nail nipper (cuticle clipper), a folding nail file, nail scoop and a cuticle trimmer in a convenient travel case. The cases come in white, red, black and pink. Japonesque donates $1 for every pink case sold to Breast Cancer Research. Available for only $23 in Nordstrom locations nationwide or online at this is also a great deal.


If true indulgence is what you seek, treat yourself to relaxing treatments at your favorite spa. If a vacation is what you desire, than why not combine the two and visit Skintology Spa in Chelsea. Here you’ll be impressed with the destination-specific treatment rooms that take you to Morocco, Japanese Gardens or white sandy beaches of pure tranquility. Take advantage of their Valentine’s Day packages for both men and women. For $128 you can escape to Marrakech and experience your very own Arabian Night Vanilla scrub, the Scheherazade facial designed to tighten the skin followed by a hydrating vitamin pack to leave skin looking stunning. For $239 you can indulge in an hour-long Japanese hot stone massage, seaweed facial and Geisha manicure with exfoliation cream and cucumber. For $179 you can go back to the beach with a Tropical Medley Facial, Swedish massage and bikini wax or warm milk manicure and pedicure. Visit for more information.

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