The Marilyn Monroe Spa in Times Square

A new spa has opened in the Hyatt Hotel in the hub of Times Square, a perfect oasis of tranquility amid the busiest neighborhood of New York, The Marilyn Monroe Spa. Created in the glamorous spirit of the legendary actress, the spa provides a roster of services and packages that will relieve the passing traveler and local New Yorker alike.

I had a Signature Massage with a gifted masseuse named Marina. You have the option of using aromatic organic oils that help to lift your spirits and relax your mind during the treatment. I chose organic lavender and after 50 minutes was left feeling wonderfully restored and strengthened by my massage. The showers are spacious and beautifully designed and I enjoyed the experience. You are provided with plenty of towels, disposable combs and skin lotion from the Spa’s Marilyn Monroe collection.

After you get back in your clothes you can retreat in an adjoining comfortable lounge to drink tea, read and quietly enjoy your peace. The spa also includes a nail salon that allows you to take home your nail color after your service. You can also sample the full organic line of skin care named after the queen of glam in the lobby of the Spa.

What I particularly enjoyed were the quotes of Marilyn all around the Spa.
“It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring,” said the sex goddess. Good advice to all of us ladies who take ourselves too seriously missing the fun of life.
The Marilyn Monroe Spa certainly is a place that Marilyn would have loved.

Marilyn Monroe Spa
135 W. 45th St
Manhattan, NY 10036
(646) 640-3830

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