Minx It Up!


Katy Perry helped propel the already intriguing Minx Manicure to the stratosphere when she said you can get a Minx mani and move your entire house without sustaining a chip! I can’t even get out of a salon without a ding or a dent in my polish, so I was all ready and very excited to try a Minx mani. My only reservation was the fact that they last for several weeks without needing a re-application, while my cuticles require weekly maintenance. That said, Bliss Spa’s offering of a $55 Minx mani was my first choice. When it sunk in my head that it was going to take three-quarters of an hour, I became nervous and uncomfortable…and I’m about to tell you why.

Rather than just espouse the virtues of how cool the shiny, metallic silver and gold foils look on your nails or how they last beyond your typical Essie or OPI lacquer, the procedure of the Minx manicure got me to thinking about the spa process and how it relates to our daily lives and how we all need to get back to the place where an hour-long manicure is a way to de-stress and keep to ourselves. We live stressful lives as women working and playing and mothering in NYC and spa time is a necessary indulgence to escape or to eliminate the stress. Anything that is part of the stress should not be allowed to breach the spa space!

Despite the relaxing yet always hip atmosphere of the salon, I told myself that I had to really be ready to put down my Blackberry and the recent issue of Vogue, and fully submit and commit to the process. It takes nearly an hour – and since most on-the-go manicures take half that time, you have to just let go and let your manicurist do her thing, from start to finish. It can be a painstaking process if you have an overly active lifestyle, but you have to let the stress fall on your nail tech to get it right, as it’s not up to you how quickly and properly she gets get the job done. The decals are like a tape that has to adhere to your nails and be set through a heat lamp, once again, handcuffing you from doing anything else. But think about it, why should you do anything else when you are getting a manicure?

This got me thinking even further and I was thinking, not texting or replying to emails or BBM’ing anyone. It was hard, but I got through it, thanks for asking! If manicures and pedicures are supposed to be “me” time, where I get away from the office and the stuff to do, and have some relaxing, quality time with myself, without interruptions, while succumbing to the pampering rituals, then I needed to respect that parameter. I wondered, When did part of the process become secondary? When I go to my normal mani/pedi salon, everyone, myself included, is guilty of talking on the phone and emailing while getting polished, painted, buffed and waxed. The Minx Manicure process stopped me from doing that and I was able to -gasp!- relax, technologically unencumbered.

Once I made it through my hour, I realized that the Minx manicure has effectively put the relaxation element back into a spa manicure. You have to commit the time and you have to leave your hands and digits free for your technician to do her thing. If you get bored quickly, then this process is not for you. I say live a little. Is an unreplied to email really going to cause you to lose your job if it sits in your inbox for an hour? Unless you’re saving lives, I’m apt to think it doesn’t!

So my recommendation is to book your Minx manicure at Bliss when you want to get a massage or a hot cream pedicure and lock the handheld device in your bag and let go for an hour…or three. You deserve it. Don’t we all? A little will go a long way.

I’m going to do a Minx mani again, because I love the way it looks. It’s so artsy and fashionable, and it does resist dings and chips.

Visit http://www.blissworld.com for spa locations.

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