My Skin Soulmate


I admit that I have had a lot of facials, and sometimes it’s hard to distinguish what makes one facial experience better than another. Well, after my facial with Nadia at Tribeca Beauty Spa, the answer is clear: Results. Nadia transformed my skin so much that I am now tempted to commit to just one esthetician.

Nadia can customize her facials for each client, and my goal was an anti-aging facial. For me she used an Actifirm Mushroom Peel and a Triple Oxygen Mask by Sonia Dakar. But it was Nadia’s touch, through facial massage and delicate extractions that plumped up and smoothed my dull skin. Nadia’s attention to detail was also truly impressive. She tweezed some tiny stray hairs on my nose (yes, I do get hair there) which made it glow even more after the facial. Absolutely no one has ever done that.

When I looked at my face immediately after the facial, I thought Nadia must be a magician, because I had someone else’s skin. Who was that? Me, ten years ago? Is it possible that Nadia took ten years off of my face in one hour, using only her hands. Yes. My face looked fuller and more youthful than ever.

One facial with Nadia goes a long way toward building a foundation of good skin.
Even one week later my skin still had a smooth glow. As if it wasn’t enough that Nadia does incredible facials, she told me that she also does Brazilian Bikini Waxes. I committed to try it this summer, so I will let you know how it goes.

For now, my search for the Holy Grail of facials is truly over. It’s like meeting “the one.” You just know there’s no point in looking for anyone else. Does it mean I won’t try other estheticians? Of course not. I’m only human, but I will always return to my true love, the one who really gets my skin. Nadia.

Tribeca Beauty Spa
8 Harrison Street
New York, NY 10013

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