Natural Spa Products to Soothe Dry Skin

These natural products all help soothe extra dry summer skin to help prepare for that first cold weather. You will want to keep using these decadent products even after your skin feels like velvet.

I am in love with this body cream by Honey Girl Organics. After a summer in flip-flops, my heels are as dry as ever, and nothing worked to smooth them for more than a minute. The Super Skin Food is just that. Super. Honey Girl Organics uses honey from organically managed beehives in Hawaii. They also use olive oil, beeswax, vitamin E and Royal Jelly to make this unbelievably rich cream. Royal Jelly is a thick milky substance that is produced by worker bees and used to feed the queen bee.

Protect your skin from those aging free-radicals with AMOREPACIFIC’s new Future Response Age Defense Creme. Just launched at the end of September, this product shields your skin for 24 hours from damaging environmental elements. It contains pine mushroom, green tea and twelve Asian botanicals. This crème is worth its weight in gold and keeps your skin hydrated even after washing.

Bidwell Botanicals Hot Chocolate Shea Butter Sugar Scrub will whisk away any trace of your summer dry skin. OK it’s not really hot but it will give you a hot, smooth and silky body. This scrub is made with organic cocoa, shea butter, cocoa butter and even marshmallow extract. Divine.

Dry skin needs to be clean but not stripped. Terressentials Organic Body Wash is thick and creamy and cleans without the drying detergent ingredients. Most are made with olive oil, coconut oil, castile soap and aloe vera juice. They also come in some great scents, including Lavender Garden, Cool Mint, Left Coast Lemon and Sultry Spice.

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