New Year, New You With Gotham Beauty Lounge’s Eyebrow Guru

I recently attended an event at the Gotham Beauty Lounge where Sebastian Latiolais, a true eyebrow guru, treated me to an eyebrow makeover. If I had not seen it myself, I wouldn’t have believed how quickly and masterfully, Sebastian was able to transform several women’s eyebrows, including mine. Before the magical transformations, Sebastian spoke about the importance of having the right eyebrow shape for your face.

“Eyebrows are single-handedly the most important part of completing not only your face, but your entire make-up look. With the right shaped brow, it can wake up the eye, knock years off the face, look as though you’ve received instant Botox, and really bring out features on the face,” Sebastian said. He refers to himself as a “brow artist,” and indeed he is.

Sebastian is able to scan the face of each person he works on and instantly visualize the ideal shape for his or her eyebrows. He did just that with my eyebrows, which resulted in the perfect shape that complemented my facial features. I felt as if my new brows gave me a more youthful and refreshed look. Wow!

Sebastian with my new eyebrows and me

After my experience with Sebastian I am sold that eyebrows can make or break your look. No matter what make-up you have on, or what hairstyle you have, if your eyebrows are wrong, everything is wrong.

In order to achieve the perfect eyebrows, Sebastian preaches that, “Tweezing is the only safe and correct way to achieve the best arched brow.” Waxing and threading are no-nos, according to Sebastian, who says that he spends most of his time correcting the damage that stems from these hair removal methods. Waxing and threading are less precise and generally remove too much hair. In addition, these methods can cause damage to the skin around the eyes with all that tugging and pulling.

You owe it to your eyebrows to pay Sebastian a visit at the Gotham Beauty Lounge where he and a team of experts offer personalized, head-to-toe beauty and spa services. This intimate beauty setting offers customized treatments for makeup, brows, lashes, skincare, nails and injectables. Call 212-921-2002 for appointments. For additional information and a full menu of services, visit

Gotham Beauty Lounge
32 West 40th Street
New York, NY 10018

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