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I like to think that I entered my 30s with grace. I turned down the volume on my vices and started paying better attention to what I put into my body. I exercise regularly and am particular with my skin care products and the ingredients within them. But I can’t stop time or undo the years I spent too many hours in the sun, and I can’t take back that one time I became a whiskey enthusiast (still in progress). Next thing I know I’m on the cusp of 34, and those signs of age I never thought would come are beginning to surface. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m talking fine lines, dark spots, redness and lingering acne scars. Enter Take Care, a warm and welcoming spa located half a block from Tompkins Square Park on St. Marks Street in the East Village. Take Care practices an Ayurvedic approach to self-healing, with the support of the most well reputed technology for face and body treatments. I was tipped off to Take Care when a female friend of mine was singing praise of a recent microcurrent facial. When a woman in her 40s who looks like she’s in her 30s tells you about the best facial in NYC, you listen.

Take Care opened its doors in 2008, and has since been making a name for itself within circles of those seeking an exclusive and experience with a holistic approach. Take Care is where you go when you want an esthetician to remember your name, and your complexion. They attract such high profile clients as Shalom Harlow, Jamie Bochert and May Andersen. During my visit to Take Care, I learned that this boutique salon is maintained by two sisters, Sadie and Tess Adams, hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I met with Tess, who gave me a brief tour of their facilities before my facial. I was excited to see that Take Care provides their guests with a steam room, which can be used before or after a face or body treatment (great for releasing toxins!). Just beyond the steam room is a peaceful room that Tess explains is used mostly for body treatments.

This room leads out to an adorable and serene East Village backyard, where one could happily enjoy a cup of tea or a moment of quiet during their appointment. And how thoughtful are they, to include in their space a comfortable and serenely lit vanity area where guests can freshen up. Lastly, I’m shown to the room where I’ll be receiving my facial. It’s calm with peachy-pink walls, and soft lighting that helps to shake off some of the day-to-day city stress. I’m signed up for both the Microcurrent and Oxygen facial. Microcurrent, originally developed for burn victims and those with severe scarring, has been around for over 60 years and has gained popularity in cosmetic spa treatments in the last decade or so. This process stimulates cell regeneration and strengthens the facial muscles and tissues by using low levels of electronic currents, resulting in a more youthful complexion or body. Readers beware, not every microcurrent machine is made equal.

Luckily, Take Care has the Rolls Royce in microcurrent technology, the Quantum Caci Microcurrent. This is the one to look for when seeking out a microcurrent facial. Tess advises that newbies to microcurrent seeking the best results possible would be wise to schedule a course of 10-15 treatments, with a booster treatment for maintenance every 4-6 weeks. After my personal beauty products were gently removed with a short series of gentle swipes with soft pads soaked in something magical that smelled like roses, Tess went over my problem areas with the small wands of the Quantum Caci Microcurrent machine, gently stimulating my facial muscles and skin cell layers, while I became more and more relaxed. We finished off with an oxygen facial, which felt like a miniature airbrush spray of nutrients was being applied all over my face and neck. The oxygen facial is known as the quick fix facial. It’s popular for those who need instant results to look radiant for a special event. It’s time to wrap it up, and I’m left alone for a minute to collect myself, and wander out to the mirrored vanity to do any minor prepping before I leave.

Tess goes over some of the products she used on me, Bee Yummy, a live organic skin food by Live Live and Eye Cream Vallesence by Christine Valmy. She also points out that they carry NUFACE, a take home microcurrent machine for those who just don’t have time to schedule salon facials as often as they’d like to. I enjoyed my experience at Take Care, and in the days that followed, I noticed a younger complexion and much smaller pores! I’ve already booked my next appointment with Tess and am really looking forward to seeing what a microcurrent regimen will do for me. For more information go to, 103 St. Marks Place, New York, NY 10009.

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