Playing Footsie


It’s said that a foot fetish is the most common fetish that men have. I would bet money that one look at my piggies after a long winter would cure even the most fervent foot fanatic. My feet have paid the price of wintertime neglect and are hibernating in thick socks and big boots, dreaming of heels (the soft, smooth, touchable kind). Sandal weather is just down the road, and these products will tempt you to shed your snowshoes and step into spring with a bounce in your sole.


One of my absolute favorite products is (h2t)’s Natural Pumpkin and Multi Fruit Complex for Hands and Feet. The smooth, gooey consistency of the complex reminds me of cake batter, and smells deliciously of pumpkin. Once a layer is spread on your skin you’ll start to feel a soothing, slightly tingly warmth. Susan Skelton of (h2t) says that feeling is caused by a combo of alpha-hydroxy acids that break down and slough away the dry and calloused skin cells that lie on the surface of the skin, revealing a new layer after the complex is removed. Pumpkin is rich in nutrients and antioxidants that nourish the new skin, making it look and feel soft and smooth. The result is skin so soft that I can’t stop touching it, and the effects last the rest of the day. Word is that (h2t) is introducing a new foot line that will be out sometime in May. Until then, you can take advantage of this complex, which can be found at (search “pumpkin peel”).


Let’s be clear about this: you’re not going to like the smell of M’lis Repair: Tissue Repair Cream (unless your fetish is medicine cabinets). But the fact is that it works wonders for your feet. This cream was developed for treating significant skin conditions like burns, scars, eczema, and psoriasis with aloe vera, sesame oil, and eucalyptus oil. But it was recommended by a M’lis rep to try on my feet. One application and I felt a palpable difference that prevailed over the menthol-y smell. My recommendation – lube up before bedtime and slap some socks on overnight, and no one will ask you why you smell like a tube of Icy Hot. Get yours at


Katharin von Gavel, Footlogix president and founder of the North American School of Pedicuring, says the latest research shows heavy, greasy foot salves (think petroleum) aren’t working. Footlogix products use patented Dermal Integration Technology to penetrate skin layers and provide healing effects that stay in the skin until it is shed. The product I tried was Footlogix Foot Care Mousse #2, Dry Skin Formula. The rich mousse is quickly absorbed into the skin and leaves no trace of icky residue to get smeared on clothes or send you slipping and sliding across the bathroom floor. It contains urea, a humectant that draws and holds moisture in the skin. By the way, urea is not urine. Von Gavel says it is a naturally occurring component that they engineer in a lab for their products. The Footlogix line includes varieties targeting different degrees of dryness and even offers formulas for cold or sweaty feet. Footlogix debuted this past January and is making its way into salons, spas, and medi-spas across the country. Ask for it at yours, or find them online at skincare sites like


Pevonia could be the name in the spa industry. Perhaps it’s multi-tasking products like their Multi-Active Foot Cream that help keep them at the top of the game. This cream is part of their Anti-Callous Foot Line and works overtime, not only moisturizing (with shea butter), but also deodorizing and fighting bacteria (with tea tree oil), and combating thickening and callous formation (with a blend of salicylic and glycolic acids). The best part is that it has a fresh smell and is a welcome change from the usual foot products that all have mint-y scents. One day of use (a morning and evening application) and the whitish, dry skin around my heels and the balls of my feet virtually ceased to exist. Pevonia is widely available, and can be found online at merchants like Check out our review of Pevonia spa products in our eco friendly story, also in this month’s Spa section.

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