Put On a Fresh Face For Spring with the Pellevé Anti-Aging Treatment

At the end of the winter our skin looks drier and less elastic. New lines have appeared that were barely there in the fall. Even a slight drooping in the jaw is getting impossible to shrug off. What happened? Well, winter is what happened! With a constant cold and hot exposure endured for months by our skin, it is no wonder that the damage is there now. What you need is a fresher, more uplifted and dewey face for spring. What you need is Pellevé.

Cleared by the FDA, the Pellevé treatment reduces wrinkles, lines and induces tightness with no down time and no pain or surgery. Sounds too good to be true? Well, you need to experiment with this one and see how it changes things around.

Pellevé heats the deep layers of your skin using advanced radio frequency energy. The heat causes the existing collagen in your skin to contract and tighten. This will not damage your epidermis at all.

I went for a Pellevé treatment at Integrative Dermatology, located in Soho. Dr. Cybele Fishman’s aesthetician Michelle gave me the treatment. Not only did she make it feel like a breeze, but she was also a lot of fun to talk to during the treatment. After lying down on a cot, Michelle spread a gel on my face and neck with a glide safe wand and then massaged the area for over an hour with the Pellevé device. She went over my eye area and neck area repeatedly, as these areas often suffer the most from dryness, and reveal the passage of time the most. The massage was very smooth and comfortable, with a warm sensation helping me to unwind and enjoy a peaceful moment.

At the end of the treatment, Michelle added a little bonus with a micro current that boosts muscle tone, enhancing the lift further. She finished the treatment with various PCA skincare serums and a collagen boosting hydrator.

When I looked into the mirror, I was absolutely surprised with the results. My tired looking eyes looked more opened, and my skin really looked pulled up and fresher. What I saw in the mirror was just a younger version of myself!
Though the results spoke for themselves after one session, it is recommended to go for three consecutive sessions, spaced one month apart.

Many celebrities like Iman and Brooke Shields visit Integrative Dermatology for their Pellevé treatment, in order to look Red Carpet Ready. Also, once you meet Michelle, you will want to come again, as her positive energy and kindness lifts your spirits so much that they must at least be part of the reason that your face glows so much when you leave the office.

If you want quick skin rejuvenation and to look like your face never suffered an ordeal through the winter, I highly recommend that you try this anti-aging treatment.

For more information about the anti-aging Pellevé treatment, visit http://www.pelleve.com and

111 Broadway, Suite 1000
New York, NY 10006

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