Putting Down Your Spa-Roots


Two months ago, I asked my newborn baby’s pediatrician whether people actually continue to trek into the city after moving out to the suburbs – just to stay with this particular practice. He answered, “People do it all the time!” I walked out of his office muttering to myself how totally ridiculous that would be. Perhaps I’m just not as loyal a person as I thought, or maybe I’m just too lazy to make the constant trips into the Big Apple with a crying baby in the backseat. But whatever the case may be, I was all about finding a new suburban pediatrician immediately, preferably within five minutes of the house I’d be living in for the rest of my life.

Fast forward a few weeks after moving to the ‘burbs, one bad haircut and an unnecessarily expensive mani/pedi later, and I’m starting to think these loyal suburbanites are not so ridiculous after all. Beauty and spa treatments present a whole different ballgame and sticking with the tried and true might be worth sitting in traffic!

With my best friend’s wedding a few days following, I conveniently made an appointment at my favorite NYC eyebrow threading spa, Shobha, on the same day as my 6-week post-partum checkup with my NYC doctor. Unfortunately, a torrential downpour prevented me from making my appointment at Shobha. What was I to do? I had a choice. I could put my all-important eyebrows in the hands of the suburban spa unknown or attend my best friend’s wedding looking like Peter Gallagher circa 1988. Quite the dilemma, right? But risk it I did, and not only was I relieved by the results, but I was pleasantly surprised as well.

The Threading Station is located at the Livingston Mall near my new home in Short Hills, New Jersey. It’s a kiosk right smack in the middle of the mall so I kept my threading needs limited to my eyebrows only. I wasn’t quite ready to greet my new neighbors with a public display of all my hair removal rituals. But give me a few weeks and perhaps I just won’t care enough to refrain.

The girl who shaped my eyebrows had experience, skill and confidence – a great combination for any beauty specialist to have. She listened attentively to my explicit, borderline annoying, direction (it helped that Shobha took a lot of the guesswork out by shaping my eyebrows so well for so many years) and voile! I was ready for that wedding!

Moving to a new town can be traumatic for a variety of reasons. And if New York City was your previous home, it can be even more so. And although, so far, I love my new house and neighborhood, I did almost burst out crying when deleting Haru from my speed dial. Starting anything new can be scary. The beginning of any new relationship, be it with a pediatrician or a hairdresser, needs to be approached with both optimism and caution. You can’t win ’em all (case in point, I’ll be wearing my hair in a ponytail for the next couple of months) but fortunately, my eyebrows didn’t suffer when I decided to become a Jersey girl.

The Threading Station
Cart Service Eyebrow Threading
Kiosk LL Macy’s Wing

Shobha Threading in NYC

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