Quench Your Skin With the Hydra3Ha Treatment at L’Institut Sothys

Combating dehydration is the basis of all sound skin care, as nothing radiates youth and beauty like well-hydrated skin. To help your skin maintain high levels of moisture, L’Institut Sothys has created the Hydra3Ha, a triple helix hyaluronic acid intensive treatment that also includes Boletus extract. I went to try the 75- minute treatment of intense and continuous hydration at the flagship L’Institut Sothys in Manhattan on 57th Street. I did not know what a treat was waiting for me.

Sothys is everything French luxury conjures to the imagination. It is exquisitely designed, sleek and serene, including a cafe and extremely comfortable treatment rooms. Once in the treatment room, Vera, the esthetician, proceeded to cleanse my face gently with a white cloth, and then applied a serum.

She then massaged my facial muscles, removed the serum, and applied the special hyaluronic acid and Boletus moisturizing treatment. While the hydrating ingredients penetrated my skin, Vera gave me another massage on my back and neck that helped take all stress and stiffness out of this area.

After close to an hour, Vera gave me a mirror to check my skin. It was radiant, looking more even, moisturized and supple, with a youthful glow. The treatment also helps keep your skin’s moisture levels high for days. Try this revolutionary concept in treatment by Sothys’ science, to get your skin prepared for the hot summer. For more information about Sothys’ Hydra3Ha hydrating treatment, and the ultra-hydrating active ingredients, consult http://www.sothyspa.com.

L’Institut Sothys
37 West 57th Street
NY, NY 10019

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