Relax for Hours…with April Showers
Raindrop Therapy at Glow Skin Spa


We all have mixed feelings about the rain, either we love rain, hate it or have a love/hate relationship with I droplets from the skyt. But can you really resist the concept of ‘April Showers’– with their cleansing, refreshing and renewing properties. Although, I must admit sometimes you can get too much of a good thing – say 10 days of rain – especially when that drizzle turns to torrential down pours. Then the rain becomes a nuisance, a humidity causing nightmare that leaves your hair, ensemble and fabulous shoes a wet, soggy mess.


Glow Skin Spa

But after an hour at Glow Skin Spa, I loved the rain..Raindrop Essential Oil Therapy to be exact. I researched a number of spa menus to find this treatment and became curious as to why many don’t offer this service. I began to wonder, “Is it some strange technique that will leave me in traction? Will I be violently showered by essential oils? Well, “No” and “No”. Raindrop Essential Oil Therapy has been around since the 80’s. It was created by Gary Young of Young Living Essential Oils. The benefits of the treatment are detoxification, energetic balancing, calming of the nervous system and total body relaxation, all achieved through the use of 9 essential oils, drizzled on the back like light rain and varying massage techniques. My therapist is the cheery and personable Jordanna Dworkin, proprietor of In Touch, which is the spa located within Glow Skin Spa. In Touch offers the Raindrop Therapy among other unique spa services and Ms. Dworkin is a licensed Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist and Pilates Instructor.


Jordanna Dworkin of In Touch at Glow Skin Spa

Before the massage begins, I already start to feel relaxed thanks to the soothing music and the wonderful fragrance of the essential oils that will be used during my treatment (This was my first spa experience so I needed to feel as relaxed as possible). Jordanna begins by applying the essential oil blend, Valor, to both my wrists and heels. This helps connect the client and the practitioner. Then, White Angelica is swept from head to toe, to clear negativity from the ‘Auric’ field. Next, the first three oils (Oregano: anti-bacterial, Wintergreen: anti-inflammatory, and Thyme: immune boosting; anti-oxidant) are massaged along the spine, in a light feathery motion. This is followed by a massage of the upper back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, legs and feet with a massage oil blend called Ortho-Ease. After this sensational massage, Jordanna sprinkles four more oils and they are ‘feather stroked’ up the spine (Basil: anti-spasmodic; boost mental clarity, Marjoram: benefits muscles, Cypress: improves circulation, Aroma Siez: alleviates pain).These oils are followed by more massage. After the final massage, Peppermint and Lemongrass is drizzled all over the back and a warm towel is placed on the back for 10 minutes to allow the oils to seep into the skin (Drink plenty of water after this treatment, the oils can cause a bit of dehydration).


Glow Skin Spa

It is suggested that the oil remain on the skin until the next day, so that you can intake all the benefits of the oils. If you have to head back to work than you may want to remove the oils, you will smell like a mixture of all the oils or as Jordanna described it, as a ‘Mystic Pizza’ smell. But I was so relaxed that I didn’t mind smelling like a concoction of essential oils. I had exercised hours before and the tension in my muscles was gone by the end of the treatment. Even the soreness in my feet from walking around the city in heels and boots disappeared. It was a full body experience that I highly recommend. Inhaling the light scents of the oils induced a feeling of calmness and I was able to drift off for a few minutes of sleep. If you want to drift off and awake in a state of complete bliss this is definitely for you. But it is not for those who have highly sensitive skin or allergies to essential oils, broken skin or sunburn and those who are pregnant.

Glow Skin Spa offers a number of treatments: results oriented-signature spa facials, clinical facials, anti-aging treatments, clinical resurfacing peels, specialty services, waxing, massages and body treatments. For a complete menu of all services, log on to In Touch ( offers Acupuncture treatment packages as well as Spa and Acupuncture Fusion Packages, including Raindrop Essential Oil Therapy and Pilates.

Raindrop Essential Oil Therapy is offered year round at Glow Skin Spa. With April showers like these, we could wait a bit more for those May flowers!

Glow Skin Spa
30 East 60th Street, Suite 808 (between Park and Madison)
New York, NY 10022
T: (212) 871-3050
T: ( In Touch) (646) 234-4840

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