Relax, Restore and Rejuvenate with Cryotherapy at Chill Space NYC


Are you the type who feels more alive in freezing temperatures when cold air stimulates your blood vessels, making you feel energetic and alive? If so, Cryotherapy, a popular stress, anti-aging and inflammation reduction method, may come naturally to you. Used mostly by athletes in need of quick and efficient sports recovery, it also generates a terrific mood uplift that can get you through your day with much more energy and efficiency.

I recently tried cryotherapy at Chill Space NYC. Using the latest technology direct from Finland, Chill Space NYC’s Cryosauna pulsates nitrogen mist at a temperature of -220 degrees Fahrenheit for three-minutes. This hyper-cooling process lowers the skin’s temperature to 40 degrees, accelerating muscle recovery and producing a rush of endorphins. But if you are not an athlete, there are other benefits to garner from cryotherapy. Just three minutes in the Cryosauna can boost your immune system, reduce your hormonal imbalances, and improve any degenerative disease of the joints and spine.

Before my session, I was instructed to fill out a form about my medical history (if you have high blood pressure or cardiac problems, you are not advised to do cryotherapy). Then, I changed into a robe, put on two pairs of thick socks and a pair of mittens. I then climbed into a large barrel-like container with an open top, and stood inside while the attendant pushed the button and a mist of cool air started pouring into the bin until the temperature reached -220.

Honestly, after 30 seconds of the growing chilling effect of the mist on my legs, I was ready to call it off! It was frrrreezing! I felt as if someone had left me half naked, and locked out of my house in the middle of the coldest night of the year. Fortunately, the assistant was extremely supportive, keeping my mind focused on the great steps I had undertaken after 30 seconds, and talking to me the whole time as the seconds rolled by. Soon I had passed the first minute, then the second. The third was the real test. I thought I was going to climb out of the Cryosauna if it did not stop immediately. The first time is always the hardest because your body has never experienced anything like it. That is part of the fun, since you are training your body to adjust and adapt to something totally out of your comfort zone.

The three minutes were over pretty fast though. At least that ’s how it felt, once I was allowed to step out of the Cryosauna. At that point, I was elated. My legs were red and purple but feeling the warm air was exhilarating to the brain and body. My mind was feeling full of joy and my whole body felt young, vigorous and energized. For three minutes of challenge in the cold, your body will thank you for days. If you want to feel like a bouncing 10 year old, I recommend the experience of cryotherapy.

The facility at Chill Space is clean and serene. You can drink tea after your session and just chill until you are ready to go. Chill Space NYC is the first wellness spa to offer three of the most recent innovative therapies: floatation, cryosauna, and full-spectrum infrared sauna. The founder and owner of Chill Space – Dr. Joshua Kantor has been operating the Kinesiology Center for Health and Human Performance for 20 years, during which he has helped many patients achieve health and overcome pain, illness, and disease.

For more information on Chill Space, including their special 3×3 Pain Zapping & Recovery Plan that consists of three cryotherapy sessions and three infrared sessions for three days in a row, visit

Chill Space is located at 124 E 40th St., #603, New York, NY 10016, (212) 661-3400.

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