Royalty for a Day at the Peninsula Spa

There are spas you can take or leave, and there are spas you never want to leave. The Peninsula Spa is the latter. It doesn’t hurt that you have to enter the ornate lobby and climb the elegant staircase to get to the elevator before you even set foot on the 21st floor. By the time you arrive you already feel like royalty, setting foot in a palace. You are not a queen or a princess, but for an hour or two, you can pretend you are.

On my visit to the Peninsula Spa I had the Biologique Recherché Facial. It is a new series of facials developed in partnership with the French skincare line Biologique Recherche. Some of these facials incorporate machines, but I had the Healthy Glow Facial, which did not involve a machine or any extractions. My esthetician, Gina, analyzed my skin and then proceeded to cleanse and exfoliate. She consistently massaged my face and neck throughout the facial. As she applied customized anti-aging serums and a facemask, Gina used her fingers almost like a machine, pulsing and tapping away on one side of my face first and then the other.

Her fingers lifted my skin and my face felt renewed and firmer. When Gina finished massaging the right side and began the left, I could swear that my face felt tighter and more lifted on the right side. It was really quite amazing. If that is what hands alone can do, then Gina’s should be patented. As I lay under the heated bed and blankets, it was clear that this spa could become a habit. When my facial was over and I saw the results, a firmer, lifted jaw line and plumper skin, I was ready to do this every month.

I have been to a lot of spas but the Peninsula Spa is now my favorite.

What is so special about it? Aside from the top-notch service I received, there are not one but two relaxation rooms. The first is an Asian Tea Lounge, where you can sip tea while waiting for your massage, facial or other treatment. Then there is the real relaxation room with beds! Yes, beds, and not just any old beds. These beds are so awesome; I want one of my own. Using your remote control, you can adjust the bed up and down at the head and foot and curve up in the middle to rest your legs. There are four relaxation areas in the room, each with beds and separated by dividing walls for privacy. The lighting is dim and relaxing and can be customized in each area, as can the music. When I finished my facial, I stayed in the bed, drinking my rose and aloe green tea, and eating a coconut macaroon brought to me on a tray. I forced myself to move on because I had to see the rest of the spa before I left.

There is a gym, indoor pool and rooftop sun deck that are also available to use with certain packages. This summer, the Peninsula Spa is offering full access to these facilities if you book a 60-minute massage of your choice. The offer expires August 31, 2012.

If you can’t get out of town this summer, you can at least take a mental vacation fit for royalty.

Peninsula Spa
700 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10019

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