Shobha’s Tips for A Safe Flight to Brazil


Whew. We can all relax now. Our sacred Brazilian bikini waxes aren’t going anywhere. But New Jersey gave us quite a scare a few months back, right? So, in order to keep ourselves flying the friendly skies to Rio, let’s take some advice from the hair removal experts at Shobha and protect our right to keep on waxing!

So, what exactly went down in the Jersey state ‘down there’? One word: infection. In order to avoid infection, Shobha Tummala, Founder and CEO, believes that everyone undergoing a bikini wax, especially a Brazilian, needs to be aware of the necessary steps to have a safe and positive experience at the spa. “We provide our clients with a list of precautions prior to receiving any treatments. In fact, we inform people that waxing can cause minor bumps, rashes, etc. – more specifically, it can potentially result in the temporary enlargement of hair follicles that can allow bacteria, normally residing on the skin, to enter the follicles and cause superficial or deep skin infections. So, it is extremely important to follow strict hygienic practices during the waxing treatment as well as the first 48 hours after the treatment.”

Some people (especially some men) think women must be lacking common sense if we choose to endure the painful ritual of ripping hair out of the root in our nether region. But we’ve got plenty of common sense, and that’s precisely what we need to use when anyone (men included) makes a visit to Brazil.

1. Observe Your Surroundings – similar to preventing infection during a manicure or pedicure, waxing facilities must be clean, and strict sanitary processes followed. Your practitioner should use clean, disposable implements or hospital grade disinfectant for any tools that are reused. 

2. Steer Clear of Double Dipping – the nauseating truth is that double-dipping is common practice in wax application. This method uses the same spatula for the entire treatment, re-dipping the used applicator back into the vat of wax. This contaminated wax is then reused for treatments on other individuals. Eck! At Shobha, their No Double Dip Policy (SM) is strictly followed for all sugaring and waxing treatments. If the facility does not offer such a policy, request a new can of wax at the start of your treatment.

3. Know Your Professional – by law, your wax practitioner must be licensed with the state to perform professional treatments. This license should be displayed in the place of work. For New York State, you can check online to make sure your practitioner is current with his/her paperwork online.

4. Be Menstruation Free – generally, it is best to get a bikini wax at least a few days before or after your period. The closer the treatment is to your actual period, the more sensitive your body becomes because your immune system is lowered, making you more susceptible to infection.

5. Patch Test – before undergoing a full treatment, if you have never waxed previously, it is best to wax a small area first, wait 48 hours and see if you have any adverse reactions. Shobha will patch test you for free prior to your full treatment there.

Aftercare: 48 Hours of ‘Rest is Best’ but Shobha has some other helpful hints and fantastic products to help you get back on “New York time” after your trip to Brazil.

1. Be Comfortable – the bikini area is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Wear loose comfortable clothing after treatments to avoid irritation caused by friction or rubbing. Shobha™ Talc-Free Powder is completely safe to use and will keep you fresh and dry before and after your treatment.

2. Expect to be Sensitive – for 48 hours after your treatment (especially if it is your first time), the area will be more sensitive than usual. Use warm, not hot, water to clean the area and avoid steam rooms and saunas. Apply a cold compress and then an anti-inflammatory cream, like hydrocortisone, if your skin is especially tender. Shobha’s My First Brazilian Kit includes everything you need for aftercare bliss: hydrocortisone cream, Shobha™ Exfoliating Cloth and Shobha™ Freshening Cloths.

3. Abstain from Sex – medical experts recommend waiting 48 hours after any type of bikini wax. This time period is when your body can be most susceptible to outside bacteria, which can potentially cause an infection. Don’t worry, 2 days does not a Brazilian break.

4. Avoid Ultra-Violet Rays and Acidic Products – steer clear of tanning beds and sunbathing for at least 48 hours, and always wear sun protection. Also, alpha-hydroxy, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, etc. can be helpful for exfoliating the skin and helping prevent bumps and ingrown hairs after hair removal, but they can be irritating to the skin during the first 48 hours, since the waxing process already exfoliates the top layers of skin during the treatment. After 2 days, use Shobha™ Ingrown Relief Lotion to soften skin and naturally fight off infection and ingrowns.

Obviously, if you’re up to the challenge, doing it yourself is the safest way to avoid any turbulence on your way to Brazil. Fortunately, Shobha offers an array of DIY sugaring kits to help you along on your journey. But if common sense is telling you to enlist some professional assistance, the team at Shobha will certainly get you to your destination safely.

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