Skincare Fairytale


What the frick is this Laser Genesis Facial treatment? In today’s youth and beauty culture…name the hottest non-surgical, cosmetic laser skincare technology…go! Are you kidding me? I have utterly no concept. You know very well that beauty-rejuv depot one-stop shopping has never been my thing, but this earthy girl is committed to learning the techno-beauty scoop. I pop by THE SKIN SPA, right ’round the block from GC Terminal for an alien laser treatment refresher, a zap-zap session quick enough for every savvy cosmo-girl-on-the-go.

Inside this self-proclaimed anti-aging oasis in midtown, The Skin Spa is ultra-pro, soothing and humming smoothly. They are actually expecting me… how quaint. It’s all very 2010. In my normal vocabulary, lasers are for the Surgery Channel, not my sensitive skin, and outside of a Pink Floyd show, I’ve never seen such a vast array together in one place. This is venturing into virgin territory and I’m a bit twittery. The idea at work here is that healthy aging is made possible thorough the latest laser technologies, and the real revolution of The Skin Spa concept lies in the powerful mixture of healing treatments to form unique combos of beauty-rejuv methods: adding the Signature Facial to Microdermabrasion, or a peel to the Laser Genesis Facial.

Although The Time Eraser treatment resonates emotionally with me (vaguely reminiscent of the mind eraser drink at the Tiki Hut), I settle instead upon the Laser Genesis Facial for my virtuoso experience (FDA approved, six treatments recommended). I brace myself mentally and grit my teeth for the three-step rejuvenation treatment, supposedly with a myriad of benefits that I desire (treatment of fine lines, wrinkles and Rosacea; improved skin tone and texture; reduced pore size; collagen growth; diffused redness, treatment of active acne, and reduction of acne scars). Liliya Vaysburg (my lovely aesthetician) begins, gently spreading a gooey tingly soothing substance over my skin (nothing to fret over yet). Then she shocks me by zapping one-by-one all my burst blood vessels (an add-on to the Laser Genesis), which have graced my pale face since forever and a day. She describes the sensation as ‘a rubber band snapping,’ but I think of it more as a tiny pinprick. I let her go to town on my skin and she zaps the mother holy crap outta that blemish underneath my left eye that’s been there since time immemorial. After about a week, all traces of the blemish have actually disappeared. I’m amazed! No more dabbing on make-up and powder, trying to hide it with extra concealer, attempting to divert attention.

The focus of the Laser Genesis treatment is the pleasant heat portion, which just feels like warm sunlight moving around my face, soothing and smoothing out my uneven skin tone. Liliya is absolutely right – my skin benefits dramatically after just one treatment. She highly recommends I try the Photolight Facial, which will fade away my freckles and sunspots. Judging from her flawless skin, there’s no doubt this treatment is also a winner.

As the week goes on, I notice a smoother complexion, lighter freckles, and tighter pores. And no more blasted blood vessel to wrestle with! I spent only one hour at The Skin Spa but I feel like I turned my irresponsible sun-tanning clock back at least 10 years. I don my Jackie O. glasses and head on out into the bright sunlight.

Additional innovative treatments at THE SKIN SPA include all kinds of cutting-edge stuff I’ve never heard of:

TITAN Treatment: reduces loose sagging skin, safe for any area of the body that needs a lift, tightening or boost: stomach, arms, legs, breasts and décolleté. (FDA approved.)

LaserDermology Treatment: latest in cellulite reduction technology for the 85 percent of women who have cellulite, reducing it at its source. (FDA approved.)

A full range of skin care treatments offered include: chemical peels, laser hair removal, waxing, body treatments, Botox, Restylane and ZOOM! Laser teeth whitening. As a special bonus toward getting you in tip-top summer shape, The Skin Spa is offering [b]$200 off for the entire month of July on any hair removal package.[/b] [b]THE SKIN SPA 30 East 40th Street, Suite 1200 212.684.4914 [url=][/url][/b]

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