SkinnySkinny: Organic & Eco-Friendly Bath, Body and More


SkinnySkinny, a beauty boutique like no other opened its doors last month, on the corner of one of those industrial chic streets in Williamsburg that look like a film set. A holistic invitation to the senses, it is also an eco-friendly wonderland featuring the SkinnySkinny bath and body line created by Clara Williams. A former School of Visual Arts graduate, turned entrepreneur, Williams has successfully combined her unique visionary talent with a down to earth approach to beauty. Nature has always been her inspiration from her days growing up in Tennessee but she offered herself a challenge in creating an eco-friendly line that should work as well (if not better) than conventional products.

On the raw wooden shelves you will find her collection of simple products that are not burdened by any synthetics, sulfates or artificial preservatives and that only use high-quality certified organic ingredients. The line includes dry shampoos, body oils and scrubs, face care products, hand crafted soaps, bath salts as well as eco-friendly stationary, soy candles and tea lights. My favorite body products are the coffee body scrub and the rose and black pepper dry shampoos. They work gently but wonderfully with your own body chemistry. The body oils are also terrific, leaving the skin moist without a greasy residue. All products are made in the store itself and if not, are made locally in Brooklyn.

When it comes to beauty, Clara said that she has always sought the perfect natural product, like body oil that was light and non-greasy, but still effective, or a light, non-waxy, long-lasting lip balm. The SkinnySkinny line is the culmination of her search.

Clara’s artistic background gave her a unique approach to the branding and style of the line. It won the Health and Beauty Association’s “Best Green Packaging” award in 2008 for its use of recycled, reclaimed and sustainable materials. In addition, the store has a unique karma where the harmonious blend of nature and art create a sense of being alive and free in the moment. As your eyes linger on many “objets d’art” and crafts such as one of the hand made tables, paintings or hanging terrariums, you feel renewed. Isn’t that what beauty really is?

Be sure to stop by this unique oasis of beauty and art in Williamsburg. Whether shopping for your own beauty routine or looking for an exquisite gift for someone, you will not leave the place empty handed or disappointed. Look for a new skincare collection to launch this year.

268 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 366 2201

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