Spa-cation for Two


Summer has come, made us sweat, and gone – please join me in a moment of silence. But this doesn’t mean the time for vacation is over – oh no.

If you couldn’t quite afford or just didn’t have time for the vacation of your dreams, a relaxing, romantic couples spa-cation can be just the thing to rejuvenate the senses. No Valentine’s Day or anniversary celebration necessary.

Picture this: alone time with your man, woman, or bff (friends love spa-cations, too) – away from the HD, 3D, smart phone, ipad, laptop, facebook, twitter…must I go on?

This is exactly the type of day I planned for my husband and me at Beauty Jewel Spa & Laser Skin Care Center. It promised to be glorious – but at the last minute, he had to work…total bummer. Luckily, my wonderful cousin stood in his place and we enjoyed our spa-cation anyway.

It was a gorgeous Saturday morning in the West Village. The neighborhood was still asleep from the night before when we arrived for our twin honey and hot stone massages.

Right as we entered, we were handed our glasses of wine and shown where to change into slippers (but bring your own if you remember) and robes. Then it was off to the couples’ room with matching massage tables, soft music, candlelight and scents that could only inspire romance. Ooh la la.

In case you’re in the dark as I was, with a honey and hot stone massage, honey is applied first as an exfoliant, then the hot stones are used to massage the body. The temperature of the stones added an element to the massage that tickled the senses in a way the standard Swedish massage hasn’t quite done for me.

When it was over we washed off the honey in our en suite shower (if it stays on all day, it will start to itch apparently), finished our wine and enjoyed some chocolate. Sweet sweet sweet. We weren’t rushed, and perhaps best of all, no sound, light, or stress from the waking city beyond invaded our temporary oasis.

We walked out of there completely refreshed, the stress melting from our bones. By then New York was up and ready to greet us for the oncoming day, and the relaxing morning was just enough to float us along. I can’t quite say that romance was coming out my ears, but it provided the perfect excuse to get in some quality cousin time.

One of the best things about spa-cations…they can fit right into your schedule and your budget. Only have a couple of hours? Not a problem. Don’t underestimate what a quick couples massage or facial can do to make you relax and get in that valuable time together. Or really go for it and make it an all-nighter – search for a cheap, one-night deal in a New York City hotel and live it up after a day at the spa.

Visit Beauty Jewel online,, to see the range of couples packages offered that will keep you there all day or for just a quickie. They offer a little pocket of relaxation with no attitude or extra fluff. It can be the just-right thing when breaking the bank on an all out vacation just isn’t in the cards. Or maybe you’re just not ready to let summer go – whichever it is, plan a spa-cation soon…you won’t regret it.

Beauty Jewel Spa & Laser Skin Care Center
146 W 4th Street
New York, NY 10012

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