Spa Chakra on Fifth – Where Zen and Luxury Meet

Spa Chakra on Fifth brings a luxurious day at the spa to a whole new level. Creamy white walls with cascading water and textured stone and tile envelope you, as does the fluffy white robe you’re given. And the treatment? Ah, the treatment! Let’s just say it was like no other I’ve ever experienced.

Sandwiched inconspicuously between two high-end stores typical of Fifth Avenue, you might recognize the address of Spa Chakra, which opened this location’s doors on May 1st. It was formally the beloved home of Cornelia Day Spa (and if you didn’t realize this, the slippers you’re given with the C’s on them will remind you). Cornelia was known for its high-end clientele, exceptional service and luxury spa treatments; and suffice it to say, Spa Chakra does not disappoint when filling Cornelia’s shoes…or slippers.

Part of the Guerlain Spa and Spa Chakra family (locations are throughout the United States as well as abroad), Spa Chakra on Fifth has transformed and revamped this location to include skincare products from June Jacobs and service offerings, including food and beverage from renowned Manhattan eatery Fig & Olive, a premium 75-minute facial for the equivalent price of the previously offered 60-minute facial, upgraded linens and an inviting lounge for friends to gather socially for a day of pampering (The David Evangelista Salon is also located here for the ultimate one-stop-shop for luxury spa-going). In addition, partnerships with local schools and charitable organizations will take place throughout the year to better the community and offer opportunity.

I had the age-defying facial. Ahem. Rather than get caught up in semantics (my 32-year old ego can’t handle), instead, I’m going to name it the ‘best facial slash hot stone massage I ever had”. After enjoying a cup of fruit-infused water and reading an article in Architectural Digest, I was brought to a beautiful, spacious treatment room. As I lay back on the table and dangled my feet into a tub of hot frothy water, I felt the tension melt away (and my esthetician hadn’t even brought out the hot stones yet). Each pore was thoroughly cleansed, exfoliated, massaged and extracted with the most skilled hands and effective, aromatic products. And though many facials include hot paraffin wax treatments for the hands and feet, this facial extended this treatment perk to include lengthy massages of each body part with the use of hot stones.

To be fair, I was face-up the whole time (in other words, this is still considered primarily a facial, people), the treatment lasts close to an hour and a half and the cost of the treatment isn’t what you’d call ‘recession-proof’. But if you have the time to spare and the money to spend, your whole body will thank you for it (if the glow emanating from your face isn’t thanks enough). I emerged from the treatment room feeling like jello (seriously, I almost bumped into the wall on my way back to the locker room) and my face glowed with rejuvenation for weeks following. It really doesn’t get much better than that.

Spa Chakra on Fifth
663 Fifth Ave., 8th Floor
New York, NY 10022

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