Spa Products to Give you Spring Fever

It’s spring and soon we will smell the sweet scent of flowers and blooming gardens. Begin your spring indoors by enhancing your mood with some aromatherapeutic body lotion, body mist or perfume. You may not even need a garden to get spring fever.

Burt’s Bees gud products are all natural, with no parabens, phthalates or petrochemicals. We love the Orange Petalooza Body Lotion, with its hydrating shea butter and scent of blood orange and hyacinth. Watch out for bees who may mistake you for a flower.

Equally inviting is the Vanilla Flame Body Mist with the scents of vanilla, lavender, rosemary and ginger floating in rice milk. You will be addicted and unable to leave the house without it.

Heaven has truly come to earth with Sebastian Signs Pure Perfume Oil No. 35. It comes in a roller ball stick that you can apply to your temples to ease stress or just to enjoy an intoxicating whiff. Imagine carrying the scents of Bulgarian rose, French jasmine, white wood amber and vanilla bean with you all day. This is truly aromatherapy at its best, anywhere and any time.

Enjoy Purusa Dream Extract Pillow Spray to fall asleep with springtime on your mind. How can you not relax in an atmosphere filled with Sandalwood, Clary Sage and Bergamot? Spritz this on your pillow and sheets and create a dreamy mood.

For some truly spring-like scents try Calgon’s new body mists, Turquoise Seas and Berry Ravishing. Turquoise Seas, re-launched by popular demand, is alive with sparkling florals, aquatic greens and white musk notes. The new Berry Ravishing, is a blend of luscious berries, exotic cherry blossom and sparkling peach.

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