Spa Treatments to Brave Winter


These winter-inspired spa treatments offered at New York City spas and salons allow you to relax and indulge while treating yourself to seasonal spa services that smell like peppermint, lavender and cranberry. They are the perfect way to help brave the elements and re-charge your body during this brutal winter.

Winter Seasonal Scrub at Soho Sanctuary
Relax for a day at this beauty loft hidden in SoHo and revive winter skin with their signature wintertime seasonal scrub and massage. It begins as your esthetician dry brushes your body, preparing your skin for the scrub. Next, they massage an invigorating body smoother into your skin using a blend of organic sugar, coconut oil, sea salt, honey, and Dr. Hauschka’s Sage Bath to gently re-mineralize and exfoliate dry skin revealing new glowing dermis. After they’ve covered every inch, rinse off in a cavernous adjoining shower and emerge with soft silky skin. Next, a one-hour massage follows the scrub with a mixture of shea butter, honey, Vitamin E and Roman Chamomile essential oil, leaving your body feeling deeply cleansed and smelling wonderful.; 90 minutes, $220 (212-334-5550, 119 Mercer Street).

The Lavender Geek Massage at Haven Spa
This new addition to Haven Spa’s menu is designed to de-stress and soothe muscles affected by hunching over throughout the day at a desk or computer. The one-hour massage incorporates lavender aromatherapy-infused T-Spheres (purified infused rubber massage balls) and concentrates on the upper body, with a focus on the back, shoulders, neck, chest, head and arms. It is a natural, solution for managing stress conditions, as well as aches and pains that have accumulated throughout the winter. After your massage a specialist will show you how to do your own trigger point work, to hone in on specific issues. Guests get to take home their T-Spheres.; 1hr, $135 (212-343-3515, 150 Mercer Street).

Cranberry Delight Body Scrub and Massage at Faina European Spa
This hydrating combination cranberry treatment is a delicious way to enjoy the season with a subtle festive aroma. The treatment begins with the body scrub, as your esthetician rubs you from head to toe with the thick cranberry mixture that is rich in vitamins and essential oils to help remove impurities and eliminate dead skin cells. After you’re entirely covered, rinse off in a shower adjacent to your therapy room and emerge with smooth, renewed skin. Next, you’re treated to a combination of Swedish and deep tissue techniques with a cranberry essential oil, which is packed with antioxidants equal to those in green tea and red wine, leaving you with a slightly sweet scent.; 1hr for $160 (212-245-6557, 315 W 57th Street).

Exhale Power at Exhale Spa
First, take a dip in one of the spa’s hydrotherapy pools to soak and relax before your spa treatment. Then, get ready to power through your customizable facial to fit your every concern in the winter — from dry and dull skin to aging to sun damage. It begins with a specially selected exfoliating mask to prepare your skin for extraction and detoxification. Then your therapist uses the Cool Beam therapy, which is a healing light that is applied to the face that sparks the production of collagen, softening fine lines as it gently reduces inflammation, and hydrates dry winter skin. You’re left with invigorated, sparkling skin.; 1hr, $245 (212-660-6733, 18 9th Avenue).

Peppermint Patty Exfoliating Scalp Treatment at Alex Anthony Salon
This hour-long treatment rejuvenates your scalp, which is often overlooked in the winter, but also needs adequate hydration, like any other part of your skin. The treatment starts as a stylist lathers your mane with a cooling shampoo enhanced with energizing peppermint and tea-tree oils, followed by a vanilla and cinnamon–infused conditioner. Next, you’ll spend ten minutes under a dryer to allow the mixture to soak in before rinsing, followed by a blowout. Not only will you leave with silky-soft strands, but you’ll smell like fresh peppermint for the rest of the day.; 1hr, $125 (646-499-1111, 10 Downing Street).

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